Which web host is best for your online ordering and food delivery service and what are the minimum server requirements to host our edeliveryapp, online ordering and food delivery service? Our customers frequently ask us these 2 questions.

For the 2nd question the minimum server requirements are:-
1 core CPU
512 MB RAM
5 GB hard drive space
Bandwidth as per your traffic
For software

php 5.4
mysql 5.2 or higher

For other software requirement it would depend on the system that you require i.e. multi-restaurant or single restaurant. You can contact us for details.

The above hardware requirements are minimum requirements. A good hardware configuration for good site speed would be –

2 core CPU
5 GB hard drive space
Bandwidth as per your traffic

For web hosting we very strongly recommend Siteground. If you need to host a single website even their “Start-up plan” starting at $3.95/month(at discounted price) should be more than enough.

Why we recommend Siteground?

1st is Performance – Siteground is one of the fastest webhost around. They are definitely in the top 10 fastest web hosts list and beat many of established brands hands down in performance.

A comparison of Sieground with one of the global renowned brand Godaddy. Siteground outperforms godaddy anytime in performance – For example sitegrounds average website load time is 667 milliseconds compared to godaddies 1.8 seconds. In Server response time Siteground gives a minimum and maximum time of 669 milliseconds and 1.6 seconds, Godaddy gives a minimum and maximum time of 483 milliseconds and 4.1(!!!) seconds  see details of comparison tests here  and more comparisons tests between these 2 here and here.

Disclaimer – I am comparing godaddy only coz its a global brand. I do not have anything against godaddy, infact my domains are with godaddy.

So interms of performance siteground has few competitors.

Overall support and customer service – here again siteground ranks in the top 10 global providers.

Pricing – Inspite of having some of the best features Siteground is most competitively priced. For a regular user who wants to host a single site their startup plan starting at $3.95/month is more than enough. This is true bang for buck.

When you go for point to point comparison other web hosts may seem to offer other freebies that may make their offers sound lucrative but there is hardly any offer I have ever seen that makes actual sense. For example web hosts offer 100 gb webspace for 1 domain/website – compared to sitegrounds 10 gb space. but the actual scenario is that for one website I wont even need 2-3 gb of space what am I going to do with 100 gb space? Another point where everyone offers is unlimited bandwidth – This is offered with a Fair Usage Policy rider. The scenario at ground level is that in your websites initial days you wont be even using 1 gb of bandwidth and may actually go to 5-10 gb utilization if your business is performing fairly well and you have traffic in range of 5-10k per month. However the moment you start consuming actual bandwidth(generally I would say in range of 5k users/month your web host will put a fair usage policy limit and your bandwidth will be throttled.

The points that we have compared siteground with other web hosts are the only main ones that matter. So go to siteground and buy your web hosting plan without any doubt.

If you are looking for a Restaurant Ordering System then contact edeliveryapp today.