Cook The Professional Pizza at Home: The Recipes and Best Gear

Have you ever wondered how to make professional pizza at home? That is a question that many people have. The answer to all the questions is yes. If you love pizza, this should not be a difficult task. We'll go over some of the best methods for making pizza at home, from making the dough [...]

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Get The Best Free Food Photos From These Sites

Every restaurant's website, social media design, and marketing material should include food photographs. The majority of people are drawn to a restaurant because of the food. Most restaurant owners, on the other hand, lack the photographic skills, equipment, or financial resources to generate high-quality food photography for their establishment. A professional photographer's photo shoot might [...]

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On-Demand Food Delivery and the Business Models of Delivery Apps

Have you ever wondered how these established food delivery companies made to the peak they are at today? Food Delivery startups have a simple psychological appeal: they promise to save us time and effort. In addition to providing convenience as a simple attribute of service, they provide convenience at every customer want and need. Convenience [...]

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A guide to Food Delivery Business

We all know the feeling of ordering a pizza in the middle of the day, on those movie nights and gaming sessions. Food delivery has become such an important part of our lives. Most of us can't live without Online Food Delivery. Ordering food after a tiring day at office or college or just when [...]

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How Off Premises Delivery can get you more Customers

Online Food Delivery is the new go-to food hub for most of the world. A good delivery experience attracts customers to order from the same restaurant again. There's no doubt customers look for comfort and convenience. This makes off-premises dining the smartest way to enjoy restaurant meals. We can all agree this has become an [...]

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On-Demand Food Delivery App Development: Features & Costs

Technology has made our lives easier than we could have imagined. Online Food Delivery is a result of advanced technology in our lives. It is something most of us can't live without. Ordering food and have them at our doorsteps has become the smartest way to eat. This made the demand of food delivery app [...]

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How Mobile Apps Have Transformed the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry

Over the last two decades, technology has evolved more than we could imagine. In this era, mobile apps influence our lives and have taken over almost all kinds of industries. You can now order anything, anytime, anywhere just in a few clicks. E-commerce has also transformed the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry. It has totally [...]

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7 Emerging Online Food Delivery Trends You Need To Know All About

This generation is all about setting new trends. We can all agree that Online Food Delivery is definitely the favourite food hub of the world. Nobody wants the old fashioned way of finding that one go-to restaurant, booking tables before a week anymore, when you can now find a ton of options and order meals [...]

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Development Cost of Swiggy App

Food delivery apps have made food ordering and delivery possible only with a few clicks. You can now get food directly from restaurants to your doorsteps. People can now order food from various locations from the comfort of their home as well as outside.  There are many well established online food delivery apps that have [...]

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Open Source POS Integration With Online Ordering System

OpenSourcePOS is a free web-based open source POS application that offers complete retail management solution which is used by independent retailers and business owners in the hospitality businesses. eDeliveryApp is a leading online food ordering and delivery software(that can be used for any other type of hyperlocal delivery business like alcohol delivery, flower delivery etc.). [...]

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