The Core Features Of Food Delivery Software in 2021-2022

The digital era was always inevitable, but the coronavirus phase accelerated the digital era by literally ten or more years. The businesses that were planning to go online for years down the line are already online now. Only the businesses that had the option to provide services via an online medium are the businesses that [...]

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Seven Reasons Why Restaurants Should Have Online Ordering System

Wondering why the online restaurant delivery service in the customer is so popular? To begin with, this service is incredibly convenient because they allow customers to go to work or work without travelling. In addition, this service encourages people to browse the menus of restaurants they've previously heard and can also be used by new [...]

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Best WordPress Restaurant Themes With Mobile Apps

This is a list of Best WordPress Restaurant Themes with all features a restaurant owners will ever need. A question users usually ask(and is definitely very relevant) is why are these themes the Best Wordpress Restaurant Themes, on what qualifications/qualities have we decided that these are the Best Wordpress Restaurant Themes. If you Google now [...]

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Letting My Customer Track Their Food Delivery Guys in Real Time: Boon or Bane

As a company providing food ordering and delivery software we talk to many customers everyday who want to add the feature of allowing their buyers or customers to be able to track their food delivery drivers in real time on google maps. This sounds like a real nice USP feature to provide to your customers [...]

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Which web host is best for your online ordering and food delivery service software?

Which web host is best for your online ordering and food delivery service and what are the minimum server requirements to host our edeliveryapp, online ordering and food delivery service? Our customers frequently ask us these 2 questions. For the 2nd question the minimum server requirements are:- 1 core CPU 512 MB RAM 5 GB [...]

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Online Food Ordering Systems Comparison

One questions thats in the mind of each entrepreneur and business man who is planning to start their own online food ordering business is what software will be best for my needs and how do I select it? What are the pro's and con's of each offering. Which business model should I go for? [...]

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How much should I spend on Online Food Ordering System?

I'm an entreprenuer and a question that always plagues me is how much should I spend on my business. In food delivery I talk to multiple customers who are either starting their new food delivery business or already have brick and mortar restaurants and businesses and are looking out to increase their toplines. This question [...]

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About Grubhub Clone And other Food Ordering System Scripts

About Grubhub Clone And other Food Ordering System Scripts. National restaurants association pegs food industry size globally at nearly 800 billions. In Today's fast world a major percentage of money spent on food is spent on food consumed outside the home. This is a huge no. Taking advantage of this amazingly huge industry. Many restaurants and food [...]

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3 Restaurant Systems to improve Customer Satisfaction

You maybe running a small coffee shop owner or own a chain of big restaurants, one pain area you will always have is how to keep all your tables always occupied. Are there any restaurant systems that can help you achieve this? Your business will always have this cycle where new set of customers start [...]

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10 best restaurant websites templates

Looking for best restaurant websites? With tough competition in food and restaurant business, it is very challenging for restaurants to flourish. To create buzz or become known businesses, you have to implement effective marketing strategies. Creating an appealing and striking website is one of the best and efficient ways to derive more customers. Website template [...]

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