About Grubhub Clone And other Food Ordering System Scripts. National restaurants association pegs food industry size globally at nearly 800 billions. In Today’s fast world a major percentage of money spent on food is spent on food consumed outside the home. This is a huge no. Taking advantage of this amazingly huge industry. Many restaurants and food businesses provide online ordering and home food delivery. Another brand of business that is cashing on this industry is multi restaurant aggregators and hyperlocal delivery businesses. They provide their online platform to restaurants and business to add their menu and offerings and charge a commission for each order placed. There are many different business models for this. Some of these business have grown to million and some even to billion dollar businesses like foodpanda, zomato, grubhub, postmates etc.

These top businesses have invested huge amounts in building their software platforms for example foodpanda has received more than $300 million funding. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foodpanda and Grubhub has received more than $100 million funding https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GrubHub_Seamless even if less than 5% of this funding is used for development of their software platforms their spendings on their online ordering system would still run in millions of dollers. however for regular entrepreneurs and investors it’s is not possible to invest such huge amounts and nor do they want or need to invest such huge amounts. A good option to start with is would be to start with a basic online ordering system which meets your local requirement, get a good customer base and then grow the system as your userbase grows. But even this cost would be in range of tens of thousands of dollars if you build a web platform with android and ios apps.

Even better option available these days is to use a readymade mobile ordering system(commonly called as foodpanda clone or grubhub clone) that has all the features that you need for your local market. These readymade foodpanda clone or grubhub clone are available from different software vendors at varying prices and different features.

These grubhub clones allow you to go live with your food delivery business without breaking your bank. These grubhub clones are available in market is all price ranges starting from $100-200 for roughshod unsupported scripts to more than $5000 for top of the line product.

eDeliveryApp is one of top of the line Food Delivery System that you can use to start your foodpanda clone or grubhub clone business. It has most of their features inbuilt and you can add custom features and functions as per your requirement by using their custom so

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