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Cook The Professional Pizza at Home: The Recipes and Best Gear

Have you ever wondered how to make professional pizza at home? That is a question that many people have. The answer to all the questions is yes. If you love pizza, this should not be a difficult task. We'll go over some of the best methods for making pizza at home, from making the dough [...]

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Food Delivery App Development

If you are a entrepreneur or start-up looking for Food Delivery App Development then you have come to the right place. EdeliveryApp is an award winning food delivery app development company that provides both turnkey food delivery app solutions and can also do custom food delivery software for you. You can check more details of [...]

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5 Best Waterproof Makeup Products

Waterproof makeup products? Why do we require a specific makeup kit with waterproof products?What type of foundation is best for summer? I guess your brain is running out of many questions along these lines, you can find out your answers for all your questions...Using the right concealer can become a secret weapon to your beauty. [...]

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Get The Best Free Food Photos From These Sites

Every restaurant's website, social media design, and marketing material should include food photographs. The majority of people are drawn to a restaurant because of the food. Most restaurant owners, on the other hand, lack the photographic skills, equipment, or financial resources to generate high-quality food photography for their establishment. A professional photographer's photo shoot might [...]

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eDeliveryApp featured in Top List on MakeAnAppLike

eDeliveryApp has been rated as top 3 in the Best food delivery app development company list compiled by one of the leading app reviews company - MakeAnAppLike MakeAnAppLike is a San Jose, USA top 10 lists compiler and technology platfrom owned and run by Niel Patel. MakeAnAppLike curates different tech companies in various category on [...]

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8 Must-have Restaurant Management Software Tools

Do you know what the secret that makes a restaurant successful is? High-quality food and a wide menu are two things. However, it's impossible to prepare an extravagant meal on time without having a well-organized process. That's the role of Restaurant Management Software. This article will explain everything you need to know about the most [...]

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Why A Courier Delivery Software Is Needed For Your Business

The last 2 years has changed the face of the world. No one could have imagined that the world would completely stop in the month of march 2020. Corona has changed the way people do everyting in life from personal interactions to business dealings. The rule of thumb has been to have as less contact [...]

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Write For Us – Food & Restaurant Blog

eDeliveryApp is happy to give good writers an opportunity to publish their content on our blog. however note that we only publish high quality content that will bring value to our readers and is unique article which has not been published anywhere yet. You can send your Articles to [email protected] Please ensure that you follow [...]

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Open Source POS Integration With Online Ordering System

OpenSourcePOS is a free web-based open source POS application that offers complete retail management solution which is used by independent retailers and business owners in the hospitality businesses. eDeliveryApp is a leading online food ordering and delivery software(that can be used for any other type of hyperlocal delivery business like alcohol delivery, flower delivery etc.). [...]

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The Core Features Of Food Delivery Software in 2021-2022

The digital era was always inevitable, but the coronavirus phase accelerated the digital era by literally ten or more years. The businesses that were planning to go online for years down the line are already online now. Only the businesses that had the option to provide services via an online medium are the businesses that [...]

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