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Loyverse POS Integration With Online Ordering System

Loyverse is one of the leading free POS that offers many different essential features that one would need to operate a successful business. eDeliveryApp is a food delivery app development company. eDeliveryapp has online ordering software for restaurant, café and store owners which includes online ordering website and android and ios mobile apps for ordering. [...]

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sunmi v2 pos integration with Online Ordering System

Sunmi V2 Pro – One of the Top Android POS Machine in the Market Sunmi V2 Pro is a handheld Android SOP gadget designed and sold by a top IoT company based out of Shanghai, SUNMI. eDeliveryApp is an online food delivery Software and also a multi vendor food ordering system. Our team has integrated [...]

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Pros & Cons Of Being A Delivery Driver

The present-day situations have created room for a lot of job opportunities that particularly tap the passive income potential across today’s gig economy. It’s an ideal option for those who like working in a relatively free environment or prefer taking contracts at multiple workplaces. One of the most famous jobs during such economic conditions is [...]

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eDeliveryApp is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Product

edeliveryapp has been Certified ISO 9001:2015 product which guarantees to our customer that the products has been throughly tested and ready to be deployed on anny server. edeliveryapp is the ONLY online food ordering system available in the market that is a Certified ISO 9001:2015 product. Spectra Solutions is edeliveryapp's mother company You can verify [...]

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Floreant POS Integration with Online Ordering System

Floreant POS is an enterprise grade point of sale system for Restaurant and retail store. Read more about Floreant POS below. eDeliveryApp is an online food ordering and delivery system. We have integrated edeliveryapp with Floreant POS to give our customers a complete restaurant POS, Ordering and Delivery system. The aspects of integration are:- Common [...]

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How Restaurant Ordering Systems Work

Since the entire operations of the restaurant have now become automated, it has allowed the restaurant to extend its scope and expand its boundaries. This is particularly relevant when it comes to how the restaurant ordering system assists in rising sales. A restaurant ordering system is a system which enables customers to accept orders from [...]

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Gojentha Alternative – eDeliveryApp

GoJentha – Affordable and Simplistic Solution for Multiple-Disciplinary Uses GoJentha is a subsidiary of Nuvizz companies, based out of Bangalore. It is an advanced mobile app that allows its clients to manage their stakeholders – vendors, logistic companies, and the customers using one seamless mobile platform. It helps provide a smooth integration of the different [...]

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Bringg Competitor – eDeliveryApp Comparison

Bringg is a leading tech company that specializes in delivery and logistics in the supply chain industry. It provides highly customized, affordable, and professional delivery logistics solutions to allow its partners to help manage the complex delivery operations efficiently. The company equips its partners with real-time logistics solutions that would work for their delivery ecosystem. [...]

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The Changing Face Of Grocery Delivery After Covid-19 Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of changes in our lives. People tend to do everything online. Together with online shopping, people are also buying their groceries online. In USA online grocery shopping is trending and having a long-lasting effect on the supermarket business.  In American life, people primarily shop online. They do online [...]

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