Loyverse is one of the leading free POS that offers many different essential features that one would need to operate a successful business.

eDeliveryApp is a food delivery app development company. eDeliveryapp has online ordering software for restaurant, café and store owners which includes online ordering website and android and ios mobile apps for ordering. They also provide order management apps so that you can get all orders on your phone and a delivery system that allows your customers to track their delivery guys in real time on map just like major vendors like ubereats. Infact that they also provide a multi restaurant commission based aggregator software.

eDeliveryApp team has done an integration of edeliveryapp software with Loyverse POS to allow loyverse online ordering with ease. This gives customers a complete restaurant & grocery domain based POS system for free along with a complete online ordering and delivery platform. This is the best combination in the market.

The points of integration between the 2 systems are:-

  • Common Login to edeliveryapp system and Loyverse POS.
  • Synchronizing of orders in real time from edeliveryapp and Loyverse POS and offline orders.
  • Synchronize user list(customers) between edeliveryapp and Loyverse POS.
  • Many other common points like loyalty points integration etc.

The above is simple integration. Our team can do stronger integration between both the software based on each customers requirement.

More Details about Loyverse POS:-

Loyverse POS – Mobile POS and Inventory System for Small Businesses.

Loyverse is one of the leading free POS that offers many different essential features that one would need to operate a successful business. It is available in more than 200 countries and offers its services in 25 languages for ease of use. It is ideal for a number of different establishments such as SMBs, retail stores, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, beauty salons, and other service-oriented businesses. It is also perfect for entrepreneurs as there is no need for any contracts or long term commitments. The application offers tracking services in different areas such as inventory tracking, monitoring sales, generating sales reports, managing customer relationships, overseeing different products, and much more. With loyverse online ordering is not available.

Users can use Loyverse to sell products directly from the application. They can modify orders and even apply discounts directly from the POS. Customers can receive printed or digital receipts and even ask for refunds that can be processed from the application itself. It supports barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers, allowing users to perform the entire tasks from one single POS rather than purchasing different ones for different tasks. The application can work in offline mode and then sync their systems with an internet connection.

Users can download Loyverse POS on their iOS or Android devices. It is optimized for smartphones and tablets, as well. Even though it is available for free, users need to pay for certain add-ons such as Employee Management ($5/employee/month) and Advanced Inventory ($25/store/month), all of which are billed annually. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time for no additional fees. The POS scalability allows users to use the POS for free if they are starting off and then upgrade when needed.