If you are a entrepreneur or start-up looking for Food Delivery App Development then you have come to the right place. EdeliveryApp is an award winning food delivery app development company that provides both turnkey food delivery app solutions and can also do custom food delivery software for you. You can check more details of our food delivery software on the our homepage or read on below.

So First Let Us See What Is Food Delivery App Development?

Since the last 5 years hyperlocal food delivery business has been growing like there is no tomorrow. This type of business has been the most funded business startups in the last 5 years and two out of three food delivery businesses are breaking even or becoming profitable in just their first year. This has lead to more and more entrepreneurs entering this market and launching their businesses as soon as possible in each area or city before another competitor jumps in and eats the pie. This high demand has lead to many software companies converting from generic software company to a specialist company that builds and deploys only food delivery apps. This type of software development is now know as food delivery app development. Edeliveryapp is one of the top food delivery app development teams.

With edeliveryapp how soon can I see my food delivery app developed and deployed?

We think time is essense in this business because it is very important that you launch your food delivery business locally before a huge number of competitors launch in the same area. As per a recent survey there are 18 new food delivery businesses launches in different cities across the globe per day!!! These are crazy numbers and at this rate you cant afford to wait. Food delivery business is low margin and profits are made on high volume so it is important that you launch asap and capture the majority of the market.

We can do your food delivery app development using our turnkey solution and launch your business in 1 to 1.5 weeks time. This is guaranteed by our team or you get your money back. However note that this timeline is very specifically for our readymade/turnkey food delivery app solution. This app has got all the main or major features that regular food delivery apps need. I will list all the turnkey apps features below in the article you can check them out. If you have very specific features that are different from a regular food delivery app then the timeline will vary and will depend on actual customization in your food delivery app development.

If your food delivery business has a lot of custom features requirement then what we generally suggest is that you still launch your business using our readymade food delivery app and add few of your core custom features that impact your primary business logic to the readymade food delivery app in your first phase and launch the business. Our suggested timeline is that do not have custom features that will take more than 140-160 hours so that you can launch your business in less than a month. After this you can give your business 3 months time to gather actual feedback straight from the horses mouth i.e. Your customers:) and then start phase 2 with this feedback and some of your original requirement. This way you launch quickly, round up a good number of customer before your competitor can oust you and most probably the phase 2 of your food delivery app development will be funded by actual earnings from your food delivery business and not from your own pocket. We infact have a complete process where we can add custom features to your food delivery app which is already live without impacting any customer or business usage.

What are the features of eDeliveryapp’s readymade food delivery app?

EdeliveryApp’s readymade food delivery app has been developed with architecture of a framework. Just like any technology framework the system’s code is completely customizable and scalable. From ground-up the code has been crafted beautifully so that you can modify the code in anyway that you want without impacting performance. The food delivery software suite has all the main modules that a regular food delivery business needs, we also have additional addons for very specific requirements that only few customers needs for example many local payment gateways, loyalty points etc. The main modules of the system are:-

  • Android and iOS Apps For Customers
  • Responsive Front-Facing Website
  • Backend for Super-Admin and Sub admins
  • Android and iOs Apps for Restaurant Owners
  • Backend for Restaurant Owners
  • Android & iOs Apps For Delivery Team
  • Dispatch Management Backend For Admin

Let us look at detailed features of each module as this would be important part of your food delivery app development.

Android and iOS Apps For Customers

  • App uses geolocation on first load automatically getting the customers geolocation and displays them the restaurants in their surroundings from where customers can order from.
  • Apart from geolocation user can also search in the app using postcode/zip code or different food names, cuisine names etc. Also another unique type of search we have is user can search using different area names can be custom added from backend. This feature is specially developed for countries that do not have proper postcodes or strong google maps support or proper address system. Here admin can enter local area name unique to your geography and users can actually search using these local names.
  • The apps homepage has a customizable banner.
  • Admin can display different types of popular restaurants, offers etc. In design blocks on the homepage.
  • User can filter search results using different types of filters like cuisine, fees, ratings distance etc.
  • Each restaurant has their own landing page with menu which they can customize with banners and logos. Other restaurant details like address, ratings, offers, timings etc. Are displayed on this page.
  • Restaurant menu is also displayed on the resto landing page and the layout of the menu can be customized as per your preferences.
  • User can add food items to cart and checkout.
  • Checkout is seamless process with geolocation and address book management along with multiple local payment gateways availability.
  • After placing order the customer can track their delivery live on google maps(we also have other map services integrated) and get the ETA in real time on driver arrival.

Responsive Front-Facing Website

  • Our customer facing website is fully responsive and super fast loading. It is fully SEO optimised to get your business easily discovered using google. The front end is built with bootstrap and with theme type coding so the frontend designs can easily be changed. In terms of features the website has exact same features as the mobile apps but in deaktop layout.

Backend for Super Admin and Sub admins

  • The backend is the heart of the system and seamlessly gives the business owner complete control over the entire system
  • Vendor management module allows admin to add/remove/approve vendors, login to any vendor backend, change/update commissions etc.
  • Customer management module allows admin to view, add, remove and manage all customers.
  • Orders management module allows vendors to view all orders and manage orders easily if the admin wants on behalf of vendors(vendors can also directly manage their own orders).
  • Admin can get various types of reports to get an idea of the entire sales and business.
  • Notifications management module allows admin to add/edit different types of email, sms and push notifications templates. Admin can also send mass messages via push notifications which is very useful for free marketing.

Android and iOs Apps for Restaurant Owners

  • The main function of this app is order management. Restaurant owner or manager can accept/decline or edit incoming orders in Realtime.
  • Menu can also be managed from this app.
  • User can pause ordering for sometime when there is over load of orders.
  • User can view different reports in the apps.

Backend for Restaurant Owners

  • The backend has all the default functions of the Restaurant Owners apps.
  • The main function of the restaurant owners backend is to manage menu.
  • User can update all restaurant settings from the backend like open – close time, min and max order amounts, set tax etc.
  • Add logo and banner for their menu page.
  • Set delivery charges and delivery areas by either radius or delivery distance.
  • Create coupons and offers.
  • View different reports like earnings and sales.

Android & iOs Apps For Delivery Team

  • Delivery mobile apps allow delivery guys to view all the new incoming orders and accept or reject them based on their own availability.
  • After accepting orders they can also view the route from their location to delivery location.
  • Delivery guys can also view their earnings and past tasks history in the mobile apps.
  • The delivery mobile apps are used to send drivers location in real time to the customer after he places the order and the delivery guy is on duty.

Dispatch Management Backend For Admin

  • The dispatch management backend has a gods eyes view of all the activities in the system using google maps and admin can see all drivers and delivery locations in real-time.
  • All new orders come to the dispatcher backend as tasks and are assigned from here to the delivery team.
  • Orders can be autoassigned based on distance of delivery guy from the location or can be sent to all and assigned to the first one that accepts.
  • Orders can also be manually assigned.
  • Admin can see all new orders, ongoing orders and completed orders as a list report
  • Admin can also view availability of all delivery guys in a list.
  • Driver management module allows admin to add or remove new drivers and also approve drivers.
  • Admin can also view the historical data of the entire route the delivery guy had taken during the day.
  • The payment for drivers can be done kilometers based and this data is recorded in the backend.
  • Admin can send push notifications to all drivers as and when needed.

Apart from the above features, there are multiple addons for different types of business requirements. So if you see any feature missing be sure that we have that as an addon or we can custom develop it for you.

So what would be the process of Food Delivery App Development with eDeliveryApp

We try to make the process of Food Delivery App Development as easy and as simple as possible for each of our customer. We have fine tuned this process very much so that even the most non techie customer who does not understand technology at all will also be comfortable doing their Food Delivery App Development with us. The process would loosely be like this:-

  • You contact us either via contact form, our chat option or WhatsApp. Once you are connected with us one of business consultant will connect with you.
  • Your business consultant will talk with you and get a clear understanding of your requirement.
  • Once your requirements are clear then we will suggest the modules needed to start your food delivery app development and give you a quote and timeline.
  • Most common requirement is that our clients need our readymade food delivery software suite and some amount of customizations to match their unique business requirements. In this type of projects we normally need about 3 weeks time to launch clients project.
  • In about 1 – 1.5 weeks we setup the default system on your server and with all your branding and then in the next 1-1.5 weeks time we complete the custom changes that you need as a client. To get your system launch ready in about 3 weeks time.
  • Also during the time we are doing custom changes you as a client get to test the entire default system end to end on your server and when custom changes are done only small amount of testing is needed to go live.
  • Our team members upload the apps on respective app stores and get the app approved on app stores.
  • If needed our team provides you training post everything is setup and then you are free to launch your business and start earnings.
  • We handover the source code and all the other needed assets to you and the project signoff is done.
  • After launching we provide complete after sales support and team members are available at any point of time as needed.

Where can I see the default system demo that you use for your food delivery app development?

Below are the details of the demo that you can test:-[note – the entire design of the website and apps can be changed. In demo’s we have kept the design and layout simple to avoid confusing the customers.

Customer Website

Customer Android App Demo

Customer iOS App Demo

You can check end to end demo of our default food delivery apps by downloading this Demo PDF which has details of admin and driver backends, vendor apps, demo driver apps etc. And all details of how to do a complete testing of the system

Full end to end food delivery app development demo details PDF download.

So if you like what you have read so far contact us now via contact form on the right side or from our homepage or from the chat option here or using WhatsApp or email.