ZippyKind Vs eDeliveryApp – Comparison

Online ordering is rising rapidly these days. The wide range of price options available to the customers, has added to the growth of these applications. These ordering systems are supported by highly efficient delivery systems to get the most customer satisfaction. In order to make the delivery system highly efficient and effective, you need a [...]

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Are you famished? And the only thing you can think of is getting something into your raging stomach? Well, have you considered the possibility of not leaving where you are and having your food delivered to you? This is the sort of thing that food delivery apps do. Since the advent of food delivery apps, [...]

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Digital Marketing Services For Your Online Food Ordering & Delivery Business

100% Guaranteed Ranking for Search Engine Optimization for your Keywords If you rank high on search engines the success of your business is guaranteed. We provide 100% Guaranteed Ranking for your related keyword only for customers of edeliveryapp system. This will help startups gain customers very soon when they launch as organic online marketing is [...]

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What is going to be the future of food delivery services in 5 years

We have seen digital delivery innovate and ultimately transforming the restaurant industry: as the demand for online food delivery and mobile app ordering has been increasing at a pace the on-demand services also have to cope up with the consumer's expectation and deliver within time. Some projections for the next 5 years. This market [...]

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OrderLord & eDeliveryapp Comparison

Orderlord is a Slovakia Based company that provides software for food delivery management. Orderlord was launched in year 2014. The main aim of the system is to help restaurant owners and teams to manage their food orders easily and get full control over real time orders, create tasks for deliveries, and dispatch to drivers as [...]

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GetSwift & eDeliveryApp Comparison

GetSwift is Enterprise grade Delivery Management System that is publicly listed on the ASX (GSW). eDeliveryApp is an Online Food Ordering System with complete delivery management very similar to GetSwift System. GetSwift serves more of enterprise grade clients and eDeliveryApp is more focused on SMB and individual entrepreneurs who need a more customised offering that [...]

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