eDeliveryApp is happy to give good writers an opportunity to publish their content on our blog. however note that we only publish high quality content that will bring value to our readers and is unique article which has not been published anywhere yet. You can send your Articles to [email protected] Please ensure that you follow below guidelines


-Each Article must be minimum of 1000 words or more.

-The content should be unique and not published anywhere on the net. This is be verified with copyscape and plagiarism tools. And definitely no respun articles – if you send a spinned article you will be banned for life.

-We are looking for content that engages our users and provides them value. Write something really nice from your heart for any of the below categories.

-Important We accept content ONLY in these categories/Topics:-

  • Restaurant(anything and everything)
  • Food Delivery(anything and everything)
  • Food Business(anything and everything)
  • Food/Restaurant related software and mobile apps
  • Pizza/Pizza Delivery/Pizza Software Related
  • Grocery/Grocery Delivery/Grocery Software Related.

We will not accept any content out of these topics.

-Links are allowed however only one link is allowed related to your business any additional link in the article above 1 link should ONLY be to a very high authority site like wikipedia to validate your data.

-Your article should be SEO optimised and you should send one main focus keyword for the article.

-If you want to publish under your name then you can include an author bio along with a high-quality image, a short description of yourself (minimum 150 words), and your business website link.

-Your content should also be easy to read. For this we will check the content with yoast readability test and your content should pass as easily readable. You can read more about readability score here  You should score more than 60 in readability test. You can check your content on this readability web tool before sending to us

-After publishing your article we expect you to share the article on any social media where you have followers so that the article gets more exposure. Note that when your article is published the links will be dofollow in the article, we expect that you share the article on social media within 1 month of the article being published. If the article is not shared on social media in one months time then the links will be changed to nofollow.

-Send a High Quality featured image(mandatory) and/or any other relevant infographic. You should have the right to use all images. Maximum allowed size is 200 kb. webp is preferred image type however all jpg/png is fine till the time they meet the 200 kb size limit.


-All posts will be lifelong.

-All Articles posted on site will be our copywrite and you will not publish it anywhere else after it is published on our blog.

-It takes us approx. 2-4 days to publish a post so no need to follow up unless its more than 7 days.

-We will add an internal link to one of our blog posts or pages. You can send us one of our site link in the article if you see anything relevant.

How To Send:-

– Send us a mail with your Article on email address – [email protected]

– Send your article in ms word document only as attachment to mail

– Your mail should have featured image.

– Mail should have focused key word for the article, tags, category, meta description(atleast 100 characters)

– Once published we will revert back to you.