The last 2 years has changed the face of the world. No one could have imagined that the world would completely stop in the month of march 2020. Corona has changed the way people do everyting in life from personal interactions to business dealings. The rule of thumb has been to have as less contact with other people as much as possible and only venture out if absolutely needed.

But everything in life even all the bad things come with Silver Lining. Corona pandemic may have completely ruined many businesses where direct contact and socializing was needed. But it has opened avenues for a lot of new businesses specially the businesses what work online and via mobile apps. Courier Delivery is one such business that has seen a huge boom post the intial corona lockdowns and hypes.

This boom has made many small time courier companies into multimillion dollar enterprises. Specially the courier companies that made full use of technology like mobile apps, geolocation and online ordering for their business. The courier companies that have taken advantage of these above technologies are thriving today with so many customers that they are not able to cater to this growing demand. So let us see what is driving this growing demand.

Saves Time Of Users

Even before Corona the millennials and gen z preferred to get all their daily tasks done online for example paying a simple electricity bill was a couple of hours task standing in line at your local electricity office today it is 3-5 minutes task of just 3-5 clicks to pay the bill online. Courier Delivery Software does this job of saving time for their users very well. Now instead of going to courier companies offices the courier team can come to users home and pickup the parcel. In manual process the chances of the package getting damaged, lost or mishandled were high. Now this has been reduced to very few instances due to automation and mistake proofing using technology.

No Contact Transaction

No Contact Delivery has been the buzz word for the last couple of years. Everyone prefers to avoid going to crowded places like the counter of the courier company. Courier Delivery Software has made contactless delivery much more easier. The parcel is collected from the users home by a delivery guy who would have been tested for covid and regular temperature checks are taken by all companies. No money exchanges hands and all payments are done online via payment gateways so again risk of corona or any other virus spreading is reduced. This automation has also improved the efficiency of delivery very much.

Real Time Tracking Of Goods

Human Beings in general get very paranoid when they give their expensive or beloved items to anyone else and specially in case of delivery they worry too much about the safety of their expensive or beloved items like someone may steal it or it may get damaged etc. The traditional courier delivery methods never addressed this fear of the customer and the only choice customer had was to wait till the parcel was delivered to the other party and get confirmation from them. With real time location tracking of delivery guy on google maps this issue has been very nicely addressed and any time a consumer wants to track they can simply open their phone and see where the delivery guy has reached. This is greatly increased customer satisfaction and reduced errors in delivery.

Automatic Assignment to Available Delivery Guy

The traditional method of courier delivery was that when the company got the parcel they used to manually give the job to a delivery guy however this was not very efficient when you do it manually as checking on each delivery guy for their availability and actual locations and routes was hectic and time consuming. However with technology now this assignment is completely automated. Delivery guy update their availability and routes in their app. When a new parcel is collected the courier delivery software checks for available delivery guys on that route using computer algorithm and automatically assigns the job to the right person. This process of courier delivery software has helped courier companies save a huge amount of money that was needlessly wasted before and has improved productivity by nearly 70%.

Online Payments

Till last decade hard cash was the preferred mode of payment however hard cash has become a big liability in todays world. Virus can be transmitted through touch and through the objects you touch. The probability of someone sneezing on a note or on their hand and then touching that note and giving you is very high when you do cash transactions. This is the reason now that online payments are preferred and in todays world online payments have become very easy and breezy. You can do payments via credit cards, debits card, netbanking and the hottest and the most easiest online payment is the UPI or mobile money methods. Big vendors even have wallets of their own where users can recharge the wallet one time and use that amount to pay for each transaction.

Easy Management Of Inventory

Traditionally managing your accounts and books was actually done through books and sheets, then since computer age this was managed using excel sheets and other rudimentary methods. However with advanced technology today inventory and accounts can be easily and automatically managed. The entire end to end process needs minimum people management and has become mostly automated. This has also reduced human mistake by mistake proofing and enabled last mile no contact delivery.

PR Management

Good public relations is important for a growing business or else businesses start to loose employees and customers. In the old times this was more difficult and needed a dedicated set of employees with special skill sets(high salary) to do this. However with todays technology this has become a breeze, you can keep in touch with your customer via social media and keep them updated about all the news of your company in real time using social media and tools in your courier delivery software like push notifications. Also for employees all their incidents are always recorded in the courier delivery software including their good and bad performances etc. And you can always update all the employees with the going on in the company which will help them understand better and this way courier delivery software has made maintaining Public and employees relations so much easier and cost effective.

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