Online Food Delivery is the new go-to food hub for most of the world. A good delivery experience attracts customers to order from the same restaurant again.

There’s no doubt customers look for comfort and convenience. This makes off-premises dining the smartest way to enjoy restaurant meals. We can all agree this has become an essential part of our lives in the last two years of the Pandemic. And it will probably be the ultimate comfortable option for busy familes.

Though home dining is an amazing experience, it doesn’t make up to the regular restaurant dining for many customers. And for many casual dining restaurants, the experience of home dining isn’t the same as in-restaurant dining. Some restaurants work best whe they have their in-restaurant settings, like proper lights, decor and service. Customers might not get any of this at home. If you’re a restaurant trying to increase your sales, you might wonder how Off-Premises Delivery can get you more Customers. Well, this calls for an innovative delivery service, so that customers are satisfied with the service quality.

Here are ways how Off-Premises Delivery can get you more Customers: 

1. Quality Packaging 

It is crucial to realise that the packaging that needs to be well done. It is not only the quality of food but the quality of packaging that makes restaurants stand out. Bringing creativity to the packaging can definitely give a good impression of the restaurant/delivery business. Few companies have already bought unique style to their patrons much before the pandemic. One good example is Biryani By Kilo.

Adding the brand logo or information on the packaging also enhances the delivery service. Apart from the attractiveness and aesthetic of the packaging, it’s quality matters too. The packaging needs to insulate and support the food items until they get delivered. Customers are only impressed by fresh and warm good deliveries.

2. Delivering it right 

Making sure that correct orders are delivered to the customers. Adding up side items to the food, napkins, straws, chilli flakes, sauces etc., will enhances the quality of the order.In-restaurant dining allow the customers to send the food back to the kitchen if there is a glitch, so make sure you’ve packaged the right thing and always re-check.

Quick deliveries is what customers want, so timely service is a major factor affecting your delivery experience. You should also update your customers about your current location and order status. They need to be able to track their order for convenience.

You also need to make sure every delivery driver is vaccinated and well sanitized.

3. In-house Delivery Fleet can help

Training your restuarant staff and delivery drivers well enough to provide good quality service is very important. Brands like Biryani By Kilo are very particular with their delivery fleet and who their riders are. They don not indulge with any third party riders and hire their delivery executives by themselves. Delivery drivers also need to be trained for their soft-skills so that they deliver orders through convenient conversations.

Assigning in-house Delivery can be a smart business decision as you have complete control over the delivery experience and wouldn’t have to blame the third party for any inconvenience, instead improve the quality of your delivery service. This is also beneficial when it comes to large packaging with minute details and offerings, as the in-house staff has good knowledge about the brand and can handle and advertise better.

4. Customers demand Transparency 

Today, customers demand transparency from thr brand’s end in terms of packaging, cooking conditions, ingredients used and delivery as well. This definitely calls for an innovative delivery where customers are given updates, pamplets or resources after which they would want to order again.

Brands need to update the customers with delivery driver’s location and body temperature. Customers’ safety should be prioritised and they need to be well informed.

We hope this helped you understand How Off-Premises Delivery can get you more Customers. Not only the food, but the whole delivery experience matters in delivery service business.

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