Did you know, how much loss can a poorly set up delivery service bring you?

Every business needs its exposure to the market. And what could be a better way to expand your business than offering good quality delivery. Delivery is a feature that not only helps you grow your customer base but also makes your business reliable. Efficiency and Convenience attract customers. But setting up a Delivery System could bring along a lot of struggles.

Census say, American spends over $10 billion on delivered-to-the-door pizza per year, letting operations without delivery capabilities lead to a high risk loss.

Let’s talk about how you can avoid this potential loss for your Pizza Business.

Operators, managers and the executives might face a lot of obstacles while Optimizing Pizza Delivery. From supervising delivery drivers to getting them trained, licensed and insured, every step is crucial. Want to make this process easier? We have a handy guide for you to ace delivery service.

Here are some ways to Optimize Pizza Delivery and make service efficient and restaurant for your restaurant: 

1. Upgrade your Point of Sale (POS) System 

This is definitely the base of your delivery service system. It’s time to level up your POS system and update it frequently if you want to offer fluent delivery. Customers want quick and easy deliveries, so make sure your POS station is always ready to take orders. You will have set up a good quality phone or device in the area you take orders such that the dine-in customers don’t get disturbed and get their orders quick.

Delivery has to consistently progressive along with efficient. Make sure your POS is maintaining all the records of your staff’s performance like on-time deliveries, late delivered orders. Your POS should also give customers the expected time for their Drop-Off locations. This can help you get a proper record of quality of service and you can improve accordingly.

2. Create an Order App 

To give your delivery business the perfect kickstart you need to set up an Online Order App. Yes, Optimizing Pizza Delivery is definitely possible with a few clicks and an order app will let you attract a larger number of customers.

Have no clue how to build an order app? We’re here to guide you. You need an advanced tool to create an Online food order-delivery app. Check out eDeliveryapp, an Online Food Software crafted specifically for businesses to get more customers online and boost their profits.

3. Build your Own Delivery Fleet 

Having secured and insured vehicles for your delivery drivers is more convenient for your business. If drivers use their own vehicles which might not be insured and can be taken into personal use which the company might fail to keep a record of, this can cause troubles in the long run. Purchasing vehicles for your delivery business to use ensures that they’re completely insured and you an wrap their vehicles with advertisements and keep upgrading whenever you wish.

4. Re-check your order before you deliver

The quality of the order is definitely concerning to every customer. If you want yout business to stand out, check your order twice before it’s sent out. You can handle a few make-ups in the dining restaurant rooms, where customers can send back the pizza to the kitchen but this is not possible in delivered orders. So make sure your delivery drivers take away the right items including drinks, side items and sauces.

Also keep in mind, the delivery person doesn’t disappoint at the drop-off, carrying enough change incase of cash-on-delivery orders is a plus point. Adding up things like cheese, red chilli flakes, paper plates and napkins for hotel orders gives customers a better hospitality.

5. Quality Packaging

Fresh Pizzas is what customers want. Online Food Delivery succeeds only when it is good in quality. Getting swayed by aesthetically appealing packaging can also be a turn-off at times. So make sure your packaging doesn’t only look fancy but can properly insulate, support and ventilate your pizzas keeping it warm and fresh. 

6. Your Delivery Drivers need to be well-trained 

Your restaurant can stand out better if the customers get a good delivery, not only in terms of food but also the delivery execution. Sharpening your driver’s soft skills is very important while Optimizing Pizza Delivery. Your drivers need to serve politely and friendly. They also should be presentable to give off a positive impression of your business. 

Ensuring delivery drivers have proper uniforms and clean delivery vehicles enhances Online Food Delivery.

In these of times of a Pandemic, instruct your drivers to be well sanitized and vaccinated.

7. Charge Delivery Fees 

Since the pizza delivery trend began, many large pizza chains have provided free delivery. But you don’t have to follow this route, for your business to grow you must charge delivery charges. This revenue helps pizza chains and restaurants regain their labour costs for their deliver service. In today’s age of convenience, customers are easily ready to pay the delivery charges for a good quality delivery. So don’t hesitate to charge a fee and do what supports your business.

8. Prioritize Driver Safety 

Your drivers are the backbone of your delivery business. You need to make sure they get the proper safe driving training and practice all other safety precautions (like wearing helmets/seatbelts, drive the speed limit, prioritise pedestrians’ safety, etc.). Every business needs to play it smart, make sure your drivers carry only upto $20 in change to help deter thieves and always have a cell phone for emergencies. You need to instruct your drivers to only deliver to well-lit occupied houses, to make deliveries to hotels in the lobby and to never enter a customer’s home.

You should teach them different tricks like, to angle their headlights towards the door of the house while parking. Drivers also need to assure the identity at times, so it’s better to provide them a driver attire with your logo displayed for easy identification at the door. Customers living in apartment buildings or hotels, won’t see the vehicles, so drivers in proper uniforms can be safer.

9. Have an Advanced Payment Procedure 

Now coming to the most important step: payment procedure. An easy payment mode always attracts customers. Develop an advanced payment procedure with a variety of payment options available on the app. Don’t forget to add the prize on the menu along with your pizza items. When you use an Online Ordering System, credit card payments are quick and easy, but you can still take credit card details over the phone. For this, you need to instruct your customers and drivers properly about the options of payment. Also, make sure that your drivers carry change amount for cash-on-delivery to be open and easy for customers.

10. Advertise! That’s your strategy 

Advertise your business consistently. This will play definitely help in Optimizing Pizza Delivery. Be creative with your marketing strategies. Share all your business features and updates on your restaurant’s website, social media, signage and collateral materials. You need to include your phone number on the website. Print pamphlets, brochures and bring advertising to your customers’ doorsteps along with online marketing.

Add mouth watering images of your pizza restaurant menu and attract more customers online. By adding weekly/monthly coupons, exciting offers and discounts to your menu, you can grab your regular customers’ attention over and over again. Don’t forget to mention your dine-in options to the website. This will definitely make your restaurant and service stand out from the rest!

These were all the tips you needed to enhance your Pizza Delivery. All the best for acing your business.

If you need more guidance on Online Order-Delivery apps and optimizing your delivery business, click here.