This generation is all about setting new trends. We can all agree that Online Food Delivery is definitely the favourite food hub of the world. Nobody wants the old fashioned way of finding that one go-to restaurant, booking tables before a week anymore, when you can now find a ton of options and order meals just in a few clicks. Food Delivery Apps are getting seamless with their technology and strategies. Online ordering is now getting cooler than ever.

Are you a foodie? Running out of time to cook? Then you’re at the right place.

Let’s talk about 7 Emerging Online Food Delivery Trends coming up that make online ordering so cool and easy:

1. Contactless Delivery

Social distancing has become the most influential part of our lives since 2020 in the times of a Pandemic. But don’t worry, Online Food Delivery apps are doing it the right way. You can now get your food delivered to your doorstep without coming in direct contact with the delivery person anymore.

Isn’t that relieving? Let me tell you how this works.

Once the orders are delivered, advanced delivery platforms send a picture of it delivered to the customer. They can then collect their orders and pay digitally through various modes, which makes easier avoiding any contact. This strategy has been very popular in the last two years. Your safety is highly prioritised and that’s why you will also receive the delivery executive’s body temperature details with a timestamp to assure 100% safety.

2. Delivery through Drones 

Drones are the new saviours of delivery industries. They simply solve the problem of long distance delivery services. Zomato, UberEats, Domino’s along with many others have successfully delivering food via drones. Though the technology of Drones is still evolving among all the New Food Delivery Trends, it has been extremely effective so far. Domino’s has been successfully delivering pizzas for quite a long time via drones.

Since drones lowers fuel consumption, they can most likely reduce food delivery costs. Yet to evolve, this is definitely the most advanced among all trends. One great example of a drone is Dunzo.

3. Eco-Friendly Food Delivery Trend 

Orders, pick ups, drop offs! This makes a lot of vehicles crowd around on the roads. Have you imagined the amount of pollution this can cause? Let me tell you, it’s definitely a lot! We live in an era, where consumers prefer brands that are eco-friendly then why not have delivery industry contribute to this. Though this trend hasn’t come into action yet, it needs a special mention and would bea savvy trend for sure. Customers would definitely want eco-friendly delivery methods.

4. Food Delivery from Cloud Kitchens 

Cloud kitchens or virtual kitchens are definitely gaining profits in the markets. These are food sellers/selling companies that mainly take orders from online food delivery apps. Many delivery apps have partnered with cloud kitchens along with restuarants already. These own low real-estate cost, have different niches and are growing at the moment in multiple countries and a large of customers prefer cloud kitchens to order variety of meals.

5. Autonomous Food Delivery

This trend is as cool as it sounds and seems futuristic. One could only imagine it to be in Space Fiction films. What makes it cooler is it topped all trends of Emerging Online Food Delivery Trends in 2020 and continues to impress consumers. Getting food delivered by robots is a dream, isn’t it? But you have to believe, we’re getting closer to this dream turning into reality. Quite a few residents in London have been getting food delivered by robots already. According to the, students in Virginia got groceries delivered by robots. Just like drone deliveries, If autonomous deliveries need to become accessible and sustainable financially and people might soon get a robot at their doorstep with the order.

6. Crowdsourcing Food Delivery 

This is the most used trend among others. Crowdsourcing as it suggests helps restaurants and online delivery platforms collect data based on preferences, quality feedbacks, costs and much more from consumers. In these times of the pandemic, service demands keep fluctuating. Crowdsourcing is a game changer for restaurants and delivery apps. It helps them strategize their growth, by meeting consumers’ demands and plan accordingly for profit.

7. Hyper local Food Delivery Trend 

You must’ve seen delivery persons delivering food from local restaurants/cloud kitchens around the same area, neighborhood or particular parts of a city. This is what hyper local delivery is about. It’s efficient, accessible and quick. This can have its own pros and cons depending on the area and restuarants’ quality but has gotten it’s momentum already. Delivery businesses and restuarants ensure the service is good quality and reasonable by generating easy and quick routes with multiple pickups and drop-off points. Now this is a smart move.

These evolving trends have benefited Online Delivery companies and will continue to do so.

From taking care of your safety to the speed, robots to drones, in this article you read about the 7 Emerging Online Food Delivery Trends you need to know about. To know more about e-delivery trends and features, click here.