Food delivery apps have made food ordering and delivery possible only with a few clicks. You can now get food directly from restaurants to your doorsteps. People can now order food from various locations from the comfort of their home as well as outside. 

There are many well established online food delivery apps that have attracted a large number of customers such as Zomato, UberEats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Door Dash, Food Panda, Swiggy.

Swiggy being one of the fastest growing and popular delivery app in Urban India, lets us learn how it marks itself as a trusted and successful online food delivery business. It offers a wide variety of cuisines and dishes from restaurants in 28 cities and allows users to search for their favourite restaurants in the city and order various locations.

Let’s talk about how much the Development of Swiggy App costs and the analysis behind it. 

Key factors that determine the cost:

There are various factors that are considered to determine the expenses and Development Cost of Swiggy App. They are as follows:

1.App Size

Swiggy consists of many core user-oriented features. The app size increasing with increasing number of features. Swiggy prioritises the user’s convenience, which leads to adding more features, which impacts the cost factor eventually.

2.App Platform 

Swiggy is designed for multiple platforms and allows maximum usage of the application. Like other successful online delivery apps, it has also targetted Android and iOS devices since most users rely on these. This makes the app more accessible, rising the development cost.

3. Developer’s Expenses

Mobile software engineers are highly paid to develop the backbone of the app. These developers demand certain fees which definitely is the most important factor adding up to the Development Cost of Swiggy App.

The average price paid to an engineer I’d $100 per month , and can varry depending on engineer’s specialisation and work experience.

4. Data Gathering Cost 

A lot of research is required in the before the development of the app begins. Staff recruitment, conferences and project requirements collection together make a huge investment. This includes hiring marketers, talented strategists and a project analyst.

5. Database abd APIs 

Food delivery apps needs a robust database to get the exact analysis of updates from restaurants and eateries consistently.

APIs ensure payment security and GPS tracking along with the push notification feature which allows users get constant updates. These requirements add up to the cost as well.

6. UI/UX Design 

The contribution of Design Engineers through the set of configurations and work they do play a crucial role too.

Attractive user interface and user experience design elements grabs the users’ attention on a broader level, which needs a lot of investment of time and labour for the design. Swiggy has been successfully getting increasing number of customers, it’s well designed system is one main reason for so.

Developing the best design adds up to the capital. This includes license fees (around $300), app hosting fees (upto $99) and designer’s compensation.

7. Testing and Publication

After the development, research and design process of the app, there is investment needed in it’s testing and publication as well.

The application cannot be launched in the market without being tested to make sure the software product is secured and impeccable. After Routine tests and essential QA tests, the application can be published to online app stores.

8. ASO and App Marketing 

ASO (App Store Optimization) allows the application to be visible and discoverable to users looking to download similar apps.

A Mobile App Development Company with versatile expertise effectively advertise the app before and after it’s successful launch. The marketing process also adds up to the investment.

Let’s understand the what Key Features you need to build an app like Swiggy

1. Customer’s Panel 

  • Navigation menu
  • Registration
  • Place order
  • Address book
  • Sign up
  • Restuarant details
  • Current and upcoming offers
  • Coupons, discounts and rewards
  • Categorised restaurants and cuisines
  • Payment options

2. Admin Panel 

  • Restaurant 
  • Order management
  • Application management
  • Payment management
  • Admin log-in
  • Technical management

3. App Owner’s Panel 

  • Sign-in 
  • Checkout process
  • Search food by filters
  • Order status and tracking
  • Choose the payment method
  • Help and Support


Considering all the factors, resources needed and trending market scenario, the total Development Cost of Swiggy App would probable estimate around $18,000-$35,000. 

Moreover, Swiggy broadly continues to expand it’s Business across India.

If creating an app like Swiggy is your goal, you will need the above resources and features to set a kickstarter business.

I hope this helped you understand the Development Cost of Swiggy App.