UberEats , a small delivery pilot started in 2014 in Los Angeles has now become the most trusted business of it’s kind.

It is now the only On-demand Food Delivery app available in over 26 countries and 78 cities across the globe, including India. Eversince its launch, UberEats has been consistently expanding it’s reign in multiple places across India providing the most convenient delivery services to their customers and gaining numbers day by day.

But what makes it a success? How does it manage to stand out as a delivery app?

UberEats has been showing rapid growth using variety of technology features to provide quality delivery services.

Here are some new Feature Updates of UberEats’ On-demand Delivery APP that make it a success: 

Smart Curation and Categorised Preferences

Uber knows exactly how to use the Customer Integration AI application. This features allow customers to view pictures of the food and cuisines available along with the price in the menu. Not only does it grab your attention to mouth watering items but also recommends you food based on your previous order history. This includes suggestions related to your individual taste, restaurants and cuisines preferred.

Now it is easy for users to place orders with a variety of categorised options. The app also enables users to locate restuarants nearby that offer discounts and deals, attracting more customers.

Restaurant Manager 

Restaurant Manager app is a new UberEats’ feature set up to empower restuarants partnered with the company. This provide the restaurants all the analytical sources required to make data-driven decisions for their business. This gives restaurants insights about their feedbacks, consumer satisfaction, quality and other aspects that determine their sales and profit. This feature has been very beneficial for restaurants to take business related decisions, improve and implement.

Tracking your Order 

You might wonder this is the most basic feature of an online delivery app. But Uber Eats has definitely rolled this one up in the best way. Customers can track their order once it is placed through Real-time GPS tracking. You can check whether your order has been picked or is still getting prepared right there on your UberEats app. You also get to check details of  the order’s current location and the time will take to arrive.

Scheduled Orders 

Imagine coming home tired from work or college or not having enough time to place an order. UberEats has a backup for that too, you can now have scheduled orders ahead of time, which makes it much easier. You can repeat the same orders through using Repeat Order option which enables you to schedule an order for the entire week or as per as convenience. This feature is for sure time consuming. Now you just focus on daily tasks , and enjoy eating as well.

Customised Drop-Off

UberEats has made it’s accessibility broader by taking orders from hospitals and parks along with homes, residencies and office buildings, making itself the most reliable delivery service app. The customised drop-off feature gives you more choice and convenience by allowing you to choose specific delivery location and get the orders delivered to you easily.

Guided Pick-ups 

Parking and picking up from restaurants is the most important and is highly dependent on location and layout of the restaurant. This requires equal corporation from delivery partners as well as the restaurants. UberEats has built a step-by-step pick up directive process, wherein the Uber delivery-partner app gathers pick up information for even the most difficult- to- travel restuarants, share that with delivery partners so they can quickly locate and pick up the order and deliver it on time.

Smooth Payment Procedure

What makes this app extremely user- friendly is accessible and efficient payment options available. Easy payment options determine the user’s interest in most cases. Uber provides a variety of payment options which  makes it so popular among people. You can choose from cash on delivery to promo codes as your payment method, pay it on credit card or Paytm or other convenient way.

Quick, easy and convenient is what we’re looking for and UberEats never fails to offer us all of these. It will definitely expand it’s business in the coming years.

Hope this helped you understand the Features of UberEats’ On-demand Food Delivery App.

Enjoy ordering!