When you are selling products or services online the world can be on your finger tips. We’re in the era where selling food online is the easiest and smartest way to grow your food business.

Want to give to the best appeal to your potential customers? Having a hard time deciding how to use the right food delivery software for that kick start? Here’s what you’re looking for!

Your guideline to Food Delivery Management Software:

What is Food Delivery Management Software?

Food delivery management software is a tool that helps good sellers (restaurants, bars and cafes) streamline their order delivery method on a broader platform. It also creates the right point-of-sales (POS) combinations to simplify the process and help grow the business.

How does it work?

The online food delivery management  system connects restaurants’ POS systems to food order-delivery online platforms to simplify the aggregation between restaurants and delivery business applications online.

Not only does this help the delivery business get it’s resources quickly but also the restaurants to find suppliers on a broader platform. The management software acts as the mediator between the restaurants’ POS and the third party ordering system. By combining these delivery channels with the POS system, the order flow is well organized.

Which business can use Online Food Delivery software?

A Food business that provides deliver as a service can use it to make this mechanism and easier. This includes independent and local/small restaurants, large scale restaurant chains, coffee shops, fast food centers.

Cloud kitchens also known as dark kitchens or ghost kitchen. These are independent food sellers that prepare food exclusively for delivery or takeaway with final delivery provided for third-party platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Wolt, Doordash, Grubhub, Foodora, Swiggy, etc

Large scale Delivery enterprises. supermarkets, retail business, FMCG companies and grocer’s can also benefit from online delivery hubs.

 Advantages of Online Food Delivery software

Here are the reasons for why you need an online integrated delivery system:

Time consuming

Since the food delivery software is designed in a way that it automatically sends orders to the POS, the restaurants or other food businesses using it don’t have to manually enter delivery orders into their POS systems, hence saving lots of time. This helps in avoiding human error as the tickets are automatically printed in the kitchen to ease the further process.

Technical usage is convenient and efficient

It allows restaurants to analyze all the orders while using a single device. This makes it much easier for them, avoiding usage of a ton of devices for each order.

Restaurants can manage their menu online

This software allows restaurants to edit and publish their menu online. This benefits large restaurant chains or dark kitchens that have multiple branches at different locations as they can change, publish their menu on the same platform, saving a lot of time. Restaurant don’t need the third-party delivery companies intervention in this process.

Consolidated Sales Report

POS provides you an online sales report, once your food ordering channels connect to your POS. This is makes it easier for the restaurants as they don’t have manually analyze the data.

Automatic Inventory updates in your POS System

This is one of the main advantages as inventory management is convenient, easier and quicker. Items that are out of stock are detected and are made unavailable in thee menu online to prevent customers from ordering out if stock dishes.

Works in accordance with the law

The delivery middleware ensures hospitality business agree with tax and VAT regulations. The delivery integration maintains and registers all records of transactions and orders keeping in the most efficient manner.

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