Over the last two decades, technology has evolved more than we could imagine. In this era, mobile apps influence our lives and have taken over almost all kinds of industries. You can now order anything, anytime, anywhere just in a few clicks.

E-commerce has also transformed the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry. It has totally changed the scenario of Food Delivery Businesses and made popular than ever.

Mobile Food Delivery Apps? They do Transform Restaurants and Good delivery!

Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery is the largest and fastest growing segment of the industry. We all agree thia was possible because Mobile Apps Have Transformed the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry.

According to Statista, a Global Consumer Survey Company, the revenue in the Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery segment has been estimated around US$8,174m in 2021.

Experts predict that the Food Delivery Business will grow by 9.3% by 2023 expected to make a revenue around USD 134,490 Million. And the total revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 13.32%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$13,482m by 2025.

There is a rapidly growing demand of the Online Food Delivery Services and applications. And looking at the advanced technology, these huge figures are most likely to be attained way before the 2025.

Let’s know How Mobile Apps Have Transformed the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry. 

Variety of features available in mobile applications have helped food delivery businesses gain high profits. Here are the features that attracts consumers:

1. On-Demand Food Delivery 

Now, you can place orders to your favourite restaurants through mobile applications without even going to the restaurants and delivery service apps make it deliver to your doorstep. These apps also let you discover different and lastest restaurants, dishes and cuisines sitting at one place on your phone. Isn’t it convenient?

That’s not all about it, you can also check out restaurant’s menu and prizes of the dishes available in the Online Ordering App. Today, you don’t have to leave the rest of your work and waste time travelling, find the right restaurant and discover food, you can do it from anymore while doing your daily tasks and get food in a few clicks. 

2. New to Online Ordering? Read Reliable Reviews 

What’s more convenient about these apps is that they let users review the restaurants for their food. If you’re a new user and don’t know which restaurant to order from, simply read reviews and you get a help in making the choice. Consumers can review the quality, taste and delivery services provided by the restaurants and also rate a particular dish or restaurant for their experience. These reviews and ratings can help you with your preferences.

This feature is not only user-friendly but it also helps restaurants to improve the quality of their food and services based on the feedbacks.

3. Variety of Prizes, Discounts and exciting offers 

Another benefit of Online Food Delivery Apps that will grab your attention is that these apps have a variety of prize ranges for a variety of cuisines, categories and dishes. You can choose the most reasonable one. Apps also have weekly  specials offers with partnered restaurants that you can take advantage of. Users get exciting coupons and discounts once they start ordering with online apps.

4. Reserved Bookings and Scheduled Orders 

We all know what happens on those busy days where you come back home tired, wish to go on a Candlelight dinner date but you forget to reserve a table. Last minute bookings bring a lot of trouble. But don’t worry, your Food Delivery App has got your back.

These online apps have features that let you book a table at the restaurant you want anytime and you can also check out which restaurants are available at the moment. You definitely wouldn’t have to miss your date. There’s more to this, users can also schedule orders and repeat orders for a particular time, saving time and energy.

All working people and procrastinators have benefited from these features.

5. Track your Order

You can now know where order is and how long will it take to arrive right on your phone. Online Food Delivery Apps have a feature of GPS Integration that helps you track your orders, and check the exact location of the delivery driver.

This feature not only helps users but also delivery drivers and restuarant owners to keep a record of their delivery performances and improve accordingly.

6. Advanced Payment Modes Available

In this era of Digitalization, you don’t have to stress over having enough cash to pay or enough change to manage the bill. Online Food Delivery Apps give you variety of options to pay from credit cards to e-pay modes( like Google Pay) you can pay with convenience.

This feature also highly benefit restaurant owners to collect the payment straight into their restaurant account. The application helps them maintain all payment records as well, making it easier for the business owners. Delivery don’t have to carry extra cash to give every customer a change amount as most them pay via online payment modes.

Restaurant owners apply an algorithm in the Delivery App, dividing the amount of delivery drivers and the amount of food ordered which. This makes easier for them to pay their delivery drivers.

A blessing to the Techies 

Mobile Apps Have Transformed the Restaurant and Food Industry and will definitely continue to do so. There is a new startup, restaurant and online food delivery, drone in the market very frequently.

There are so many restaurants, cloud kitchens and startups that want a separate delivery app which requires a technical team for it’s development. This also creates a wide space for all technicians to start, build and develop online food delivery applications and softwares. 

To build and develop an Online Food Delivery App for a startup to perform and manage deliveries, an efficient Online Food Delivery Software like eDeliveryapp is needed. It has features and tools that help managing and developing Food Delivery Applications.