The present-day situations have created room for a lot of job opportunities that particularly tap the passive income potential across today’s gig economy. It’s an ideal option for those who like working in a relatively free environment or prefer taking contracts at multiple workplaces. One of the most famous jobs during such economic conditions is that of a delivery driver in the food sector because it’s just as simple as getting up and going somewhere. What makes it lucrative is the flexible work timing and not to mention the hefty tips. Many young people are increasingly moving towards the delivery services leading to a rapid expansion of the food-delivery industry.

Like every other job, working as a fast food delivery driver has its own pros and cons. Do you have what it takes? Well, we’re going to give you a brief little pros-cons list about joining a leading fast food delivery service like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats etc. We won’t neglect the inconveniences people in delivery business face and provide you with enough information for making the best decision for yourself. Can you do that? Let’s see.

The Pros

Flexible Timings

Without any doubt, the best thing about driving as a fast food delivery person is the flexible work hours you have at your disposal. The arrangement is nothing like a permanent 9 to 5 job-contract and you’re always at the liberty of choosing your own work timings. Not only do you get to decide the beginning or ending time of your daily runs, you can even choose which interval of the day you want to start. This is favourable for you especially when you’re looking for something on the side for an extra few bucks with a full-time job or education.

Say, if your shift or classes end some time after sunset, there are numerous restaurants that can hire you for delivering their food to the customers throughout the night. It’s a great way to boost your salary or even help yourself through college as most of the university classes finish during the day.

Boost-hour bonuses

You will find most of the mainstream food delivery apps to offer extra bonuses or incentives during peak hours or their special delivering offers. If you can manage to fix up some time out of your schedule to be free for these hours, you can end up earning more than what you’d normally get for even a whole day.

Flexibility of working for more than one app

What this means is that if you’re working with Just Eat or UberEats, it doesn’t bar you from becoming a delivery driver for Just Eat. Lots of these apps let you have the freedom to choose multiple employers at the same time. The only thing is that it’s you who’ll have to stay on top of your schedule and keep things going for all of the apps.

That said, a lot of drivers are smart enough to work out a routine while signing up with multiple fast food delivery apps. When they get orders queueing up, they rearrange them according to their preferred locations, tips and distance from their locations. This helps them filter out and also broadens their scope for customization. Signing up with more than one food delivery apps could be a particularly good idea when you’re unemployed or completely free throughout your day.

Quick payments

This is also one of the most attractive advantages of working in the food delivery services. The apps make sure that the delivery drivers get paid instantly so that they can bear their fuel expenses on the runs just after performing the required transfers etc.

The bonuses are guaranteed

If you’re performing above a certain level, most of the apps will reward you with incentives as a bonus for being consistent. These are guaranteed policies and not something like boost hour incentives. Working consistently in the peak dinner hours from 5 to 9 pm is one such conditions you’ll have to meet. Another such condition is keeping a delivery completion threshold over 80 percent of all incoming orders.  

The Cons

Irresponsible driving

When you’re a delivery driver, of course you’re expected to be fast and on time. This pressure to be punctual is very stressful and as a delivery driver, you can’t deny it because it’s a part of your job. However, that doesn’t mean that a driver should rush through the traffic heretically in order to secure more orders at a time or to get tips from the customers for being extra-quick. Irresponsible driving can have very serious and scary consequences like being involved in traffic accidents or ending up with a damaged vehicle. Sadly, things like these aren’t that uncommon with fast food delivery drivers and can cost them a lot of insurance money.

What they can instead do is opt for insurances that are custom-made for fast food delivery drivers. Such insurance programs are specifically tailored for delivery driving personnel who are at a higher risk of getting involved in traffic accidents while on their way to delivering the ordered goods.

Working Door-to-Door deliveries

While delivering to someone’s doorstep seems like a simple task and it surely is, delivering to a customer who lives in an apartment is a whole new ballgame specially if the apartments are in a high-rise building. You can’t just leave the food with a building official and ask them to take the delivered food up to the apartment or room. If your customer lives in such a setting, it’s you who’ll have to carry the food through all the floors and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. It may create delays in your deliveries to the orders next in queue.

Issues with parking

Parking issues are one of the most common problems that fast food delivery drivers face specially if you’ll have to spend lots of time inside an apartment complex, trying to find the right doorstep to deliver the food at. It’s not possible to leave your bike or car in the middle of the road everywhere or the side walk like you can with home deliveries. You will first have to find a suitable place to park your vehicle and then proceed into the buildings where you’ll spend a significant amount of time finding the right door to deliver. Then you’ll have to walk back to the parking spot again to complete the process and to the next destination. This can consume a lot of time.


Of course, working as a food delivery driver and constantly being on the run is not an easy thing to do. However, we can clearly conclude from our brief analysis that the advantages of fast food delivery driving are far more dominant. All you need to do is work out a routine and keep your nerves about you!

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