GoJentha – Affordable and Simplistic Solution for Multiple-Disciplinary Uses

GoJentha is a subsidiary of Nuvizz companies, based out of Bangalore. It is an advanced mobile app that allows its clients to manage their stakeholders – vendors, logistic companies, and the customers using one seamless mobile platform. It helps provide a smooth integration of the different stakeholders and also offer visibility to the movement of people, packages, and field. The software was launched for India and other Asian markets in 2017 and has since undergone immense improvements to meet the requirement of the clients. The company has won numerous awards over the years, such as the 2016 Top Green Provider, 2016 Top entrepreneurs, and many others.

GoJentha has developed mCore infrastructure consisting of different features such as solution development kit, mobile device management, mobile analytical layer, and app store that provide speed and flexibility to the companies. Another part of the mobile solution is the mCloud that provides customers with the advantage of cloud computing securely.

The three product offerings of GoJentha include –

GoJentha Transport – It provides transport management software to manage all of the transport operations like route optimization, scheduling deliveries, and dispatch management. It is perfect for non-emergency medical transportation providers, taxi services, and concierge providers.

GoJentha Logistics – It offers delivery management software with features such as route optimization, dispatch management, shipment tracking, delivery proof, and more. This software is ideal for courier companies, shippers, and 3PLs.

GoJentha Care – It is specialized delivery management for the medical industry with features such as field tracking, document management, patient management, payment handling, visibility of patients, and more. The platform is also HIPAA and SSAE-16 compliant.

GoJentha Field – It is field services management software offering a variety of features for improved efficiency and productivity. The product is ideal for banking, finance, and insurance companies.

All of the above software solutions can easily be integrated with third-party software using API. GoJentha aims to continue designing new products and improving the existing ones to provide innovative solutions to its customers for many years to come.

eDeliveryApp – Gojentha Alternative

eDeliveryApp is an intuitive system for start-ups looking to build ordering and delivery solution. Unique Selling Point of edeliveryapp is that it is not just a SAAS solution for delivery but a full fledged online ordering system for any type of business like food delivery, alcohol delivery, flower delivery or for a custom delivery solution like courier business or a business like glovo. Another Unique Selling Point of edeliveryapp is that they offer the system as a complete outright solution or on a unique SAAS based solution that can be taken on a BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER offering.

Gojentha pricing and edeliveryapp – Gojentha Competitor pricing

Gojentha does not show pricing on their corporate website this gives an impression that the pricing is going to be very expensive coz this is the strategy that over smart sales team use to first bait a lead and then snare them with an expensive plan. Edeliveryapp Gojentha Alternative provides the system for outright purchase for $2700 for the complete system and also provides custom development services if you want to modify the system for your own usage and different business model. Edeliveryapps SAAS model is also very unique- you are not tied down by rigid software features. Edeliveryapp provides their SAAS system on a BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER where you can get started on a rental model and eventually simply buy out the SAME system as it on outright ownership basis. You can even make any type of modifications t the system during the rental period. This gives you the ability to try out the system first and then buy it.

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