Since the entire operations of the restaurant have now become automated, it has allowed the restaurant to extend its scope and expand its boundaries. This is particularly relevant when it comes to how the restaurant ordering system assists in rising sales. A restaurant ordering system is a system which enables customers to accept orders from restaurants. With the increase of online orders, the integration of the ordering system with online ordering is important. The point of sale ( POS) has now grown to become an automated restaurant ordering system that, apart from enabling manual order taking, can accept and process orders electronically.

3 Ways to boost the profits using the Restaurant Ordering System

Restaurants are currently looking to use a technology that will allow them to operate their restaurant without a headache. Therefore, restaurants have found different ways in which your restaurant ordering system will help your restaurant ‘s sales. Learn and understand how you can make it happen.

  1. Ordering for Smartphone and Website

As a restaurant owner, you have to know that customers place orders through their mobile and laptops nowadays. In a huge way, online shopping has come up. Therefore, a very customer-friendly website and mobile app must be available so that they can position their orders without any hassle. In order to make a website and mobile ordering a viable choice for your customers, the key items that must be taken into account are :

  • Real-Time Menu : Any changes made to the central POS menu will update the website and mobile app instantly. It’s a two-edged sword here. Although this will be good for you as you can avoid the hassle of manually making changes on the website and smartphone, it will also ensure that all the new menu items you incorporate in your menu are still in touch with your customers.
  • Customers should have their profile : It would make it much easier for your customers to place delivery orders if your customers can save their details, such as their favorite orders, different addresses and the like.
  • Save Order History : If all past orders are saved automatically, customers can easily mark their order as a favorite with a single click and position the same order. Such a restaurant ordering system would make it easy to order for your customers.
  • Ability to place advance orders : Customers often choose to place an advance order, but this function is not offered by the majority of restaurants. Therefore, if this role is provided by your restaurant ordering system, it will automatically enable you to increase your restaurant sales.
  • You must be able to obtain customer feedback : it is important to receive feedback from your customer so that you can work on it and make all the necessary modifications. With them, you may engage in a discussion. If they acknowledge, kindly remember, and if they have filed a complaint, please apologize. They will feel appreciated until you start embracing the input of your customers and will definitely frequent your restaurant.
  • CRM Integration : If your website ordering system is incorporated with your POS, the customer information will synchronize automatically. Now, you can send personalized addresses, birthdays and anniversaries of your customers, once you have all your customer information on your POS. Via these SMS and emails, you can also remind them about the latest activities in your restaurant, latest interactions on the menu and the like. These behavior will help you develop a good relationship with customers and, in turn , help you to attract customers.
  • Avoid the risk of missing orders : Because all your orders will go directly to the POS from the website, this will allow you to significantly reduce the risk of missing orders. Losing an order means that a potentially loyal customer is losing out, which you certainly can not risk !
  • Push Notifications : You can use the push notification feature on your mobile app to build an even better-knit relationship with your customers. This feature will allow you to send immediate push notifications on your mobile to your customers about updates to your menu, or any new events or deals that your restaurant will host or deliver.
  1. Your ordering system for restaurants must have a delivery app.

Using a delivery app would fully extend the restaurant ordering system. The features that you must include in your restaurant ordering system or delivery app that, in turn , will help you increase your restaurant sales are :

  • Have Real-time Reports About The Available Delivery Boys : Customer orders are cancelled several times as there is no information available about available delivery boys. Your restaurant ordering system must have a delivery app to prevent such instances, which will send you the report on the delivery boys available so that you can allocate them orders accordingly.
  • Real-Time Delivery Boys Tracking : If you have real-time updates about where your delivery boys are, how long it would take them to finish delivering an order, then the next order will be allocated to them. This will also ensure that any hungry customer is never disappointed, which will in turn allow you to gain further sales.
  • SMS Integration : If they are given a chance to monitor their order, the customers will always be satisfied. If this feature is offered by your delivery app, then your restaurant will be your customers’ first preference.
  1. App servers

Your restaurant ordering system needs to have a server app to help the restaurant workers sell and upsell the items of the restaurant well. The ways in which a server app will help you improve your sales are :

  • It eliminates delays in order taking and decreases table turnover time : when orders are issued by the servers, the orders are moved straight to the POS, thus reducing any delays in order taking. Dependence on manual labor is going to be far reduced.
  • CRM Integration : Right in front of the clients, all the customer information will be available. Your workers will be able to view the whole customer information including their previous orders only by entering the customer name or mobile number. Your servers will then signify your guest items by their last order and even attempt to upsell new items on the menu.
  • Your servers will have the whole menu in front of them : the waiters will have the whole menu in front of them through the server app when taking the orders. In order to take, recommend and upsell things, this will benefit the waiters. The server app will ensure that your customers don’t get any things out of sight and out of mind.

This clearly illustrates how the introduction of the correct restaurant system will help you maximize the overall profit of your restaurant. What are you waiting for, when making a profit is the primary motive of all companies ? Bring in this fast method of restaurant ordering and see the influx of customers and benefit in turn.

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