Bringg is a leading tech company that specializes in delivery and logistics in the supply chain industry. It provides highly customized, affordable, and professional delivery logistics solutions to allow its partners to help manage the complex delivery operations efficiently. The company equips its partners with real-time logistics solutions that would work for their delivery ecosystem.

Bringg started its operations in 2013 and is based out of Tel Aviv. It also has a second headquarter set up in Chicago. It currently operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. Some of the top brands in the world are using the SaaS platform by Bringg to streamline their logistical operations to not only increase their efficiency but also improve customer service. Bringg aids companies in different industries, namely grocery, consumer goods, retail, restaurants, healthcare, logistics, and other service industries, by streamlining their logistical operations across different delivery models. Right from the management at the top to the end-customers, Bringg ensures that the needs of all the participants of the delivery ecosystem are fulfilled. Some of the multinational companies that it already works with include McDonald’s, Coke, and Walmart.

One of the top reasons for the tremendous growth of Bringg is that it allows companies to compete with multi-billion brands like Amazon without having to set up their own delivery and logistics infrastructure. It recently launched BringNow, a contactless delivery solution. Even though the company was to launch the new product at the end of 2020, it brought its launch early to help businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants who were struggling to cope with the growing demand amidst the pandemic.

Bringg had raised $55 million so far, which includes $25 million last year and about $30 million in its recent round of funding in April. The company aims to scale up its operations to include SMBs and companies looking to expand to entirely new markets. Now lets look at Bringg’s Competitor.

About edeliveryapp – Bringg’s Competitor

eDeliveryApp is complete solution for companies looking to setup ordering and delivery solution. USP of edeliveryapp is that it is not just a SAAS solution for delivery but a complete online ordering system for any type of business like food delivery, alcohol delivery, flower delivery or for a custom delivery solution like courier business or a business like glovo. Another USP of edeliveryapp is that they offer the system as a complete outright solution or on a unique SAAS based solution that can be taken on a BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER offering.

Bringg’s pricing and edeliveryapp – Bringg’s Competitor pricing

Bringg does not reveal pricing on their website this gives an impression that the pricing is going to be very expensive coz this is the strategy highly accomplised sales team use to first bait a lead and then snare them with an expensive plan. Edeliveryapp Bringg’s competitor provides the system for outright purchase for $2700 for the entire default system and also provides custom development services if you want to modify the system for your own usage and different business model. Edeliveryapps SAAS model is also very unique- you are not tied down by rigid software features. Edeliveryapp provides their SAAS system on a BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER where you can get started on a rental model and eventually simply buy out the SAME system as it on outright ownership basis. You can even make any type of modifications t the system during the rental period. This gives you the ability to try out the system first and then buy it.

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