This is a list of Best WordPress Restaurant Themes with all features a restaurant owners will ever need. A question users usually ask(and is definitely very relevant) is why are these themes the Best WordPress Restaurant Themes, on what qualifications/qualities have we decided that these are the Best WordPress Restaurant Themes. If you Google now you will get a huge list of articles and blogs with a more longer list of themes each claiming to be the best WordPress Restaurant Theme but their claims are solely based on designs of the theme.

Calling a theme the Best WordPress Restaurant Theme solely based on design or looks is incorrect – Just like beauty is skin deep so the design part of the theme is only one part of deciding the winner[Also WordPress being so flexible you can redesign or make changes to any current design in a jiffy so just the design anyways become irrevelant]. In a beauty contest like Miss world or Miss Universe(or any other beauty contest) you take into account not only the beauty but also the intelligence, personality, attitude, aptitude of the beauty and then decide the winner similarly for deciding the Best WordPress Restaurant Theme we should definitely look at a good design but also other qualities of the theme – When deciding on your theme you should ask yourself this question – Is this a complete Restaurant Food Ordering System/Restaurant Management System? Will it help me manage my restaurant better? Increase My sales and profits? Optimize my operations and reduce waste? Retain and engage my customers?

eDeliveryApp is a complete Restaurant Food Ordering, management & delivery System. Few of the features of eDeliveryApp Restaurant Food Ordering system are:-

  • Complete Worpdress based frontend and backend.(read the section below for more details for more website features).
  • Customer Ordering Android App with same features as website.
  • Customer Ordering iOS/Apple App with same features as website.
  • Facebook Shop/Facebook App for selling on Facebook.
  • Free Basic POS System and can be further integrated with any 3rd party POS system.
  • Order taking Mobile App to view and manage your orders from your mobile phone on the go.
  • Integration with free delivery management system(upto 300 orders – paid after that) that provides complete delivery management backend + driver delivery Apps + lot of extra features like route optimization etc.
  • Integration with any local payment gateway
  • Integration with your Printer

Apart from the designs the main website is also feature rich, completely flexible, modular and customize-able out of box. Some of the features of system are :-

  • Multiple menu layout styles – you can mix and match any menu layout in any of the designs including any type of 3rd party designs. There are more than a dozen menu styles to choose from and we also provide custom layouts on request.
  • Add any type of food combinations, food variations, addons, side dishes etc. with or without extra pricing. Offer customize your pizza or customize your dish option to your customers.
  • Table booking
  • Social Media Integration – Social media logins, Share, Facebook shop etc.
  • Customer account with Reorder Feature
  • Coupons
  • Loyalty points
  • Set delivery price by postcode or distance
  • Newsletter and mass emailing
  • Blog
  • And Many More……….



Welcome is a beautiful wordpress theme/template design for restaurants. The theme and its design is compeletely customizable. Though the design is multi page this best wordpress restaurant theme is suitable for restaurant owners who want to showcase as much information about their website including their menu on the first page.

You can present all your restaurant information on the first page in a parallex stlye like about, your story, your menu, table booking options, image gallery, your article/blog/news feed, your social media widgets and info etc. The menu can be set-up in 12 different layout from an image focussed grid layout to showcase your delightful dishes to a simple standard menu type text layout with addons, side dishes, combinations, sizes etc. You have integrate inhouse table booking option to manage your tables booking and also integrate with 3rd party table booking services like opentable and yelp.

This best wordpress resturant theme is optimised to help you rank higher on google with complete responsive design. Some of the SEO features of the theme are automated reports for on-site SEO helping the user know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong, schema mark-up, SEO optimised website structure etc.

You cannot go wrong with this wordpress theme for your restaurant online ordering system.

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WhiteLight is easy on eyes design wordpress theme which allows you to present a lot of information(specially marketing) on the homepage itself without making the homepage look cluttered. You can display discounts, your USP, featured products etc. on the homepage and make your restaurant online ordering system the sales engine of your business.

This restaurant wordpress theme is fully responsive and works across all devices without any load and is mobile optimised. The menu layout for the website is also fully customisable and you can choose from 12 different menu layout for your online ordering system with different variable products, addons, side dishes, combinations, sizes etc. This restaurant wordpress theme is completely integrateable with all 3rd party software and hardware and you can integrate any payment gateway, printer, table booking, social media etc. with the theme. There are also lot of widgets available for your restaurant site like gallery, twitter/instagram feed, blog/news feed etc.

If you are looking for restaurant website that gives your customers a positive and sunny feeling then go for Whitelight- wordpress restaurant theme

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Cuppa is a wordpress restaurant theme more specifically for coffee shop owners however it can be used for any other restaurant type. Cuppa is light weight restaurant theme that present your information in clean and simple layout. Cuppa is very versatile and works out of box across devices from a 2.4 inch mobile phone to 30+ inch desktop monitor. Being retina ready your images on the site pop–up with true colors for your users to devour.

Cuppa has option to choose from 10+ different menu layouts in any form and colors with addons, side dishes and combinations, sizes etc. Cuppa has unique widgets to integrate all social media login and sharing options, table and events bookings, gallery, blogs/articles. With multi-site and multi-lingual option Cuppa is perfect for coffee shop anywhere across the globe. Cuppa is loads very fast and is SEO responsive and will bring top notch search engine ranking and high traffic for your site.

Cuppa is a perfect theme to start your restaurant food ordering system in the most efficient way.

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Italiano is a fast-loading, intuitive, aesthetically clean and graphically polished theme. The theme is really well coded and light weight which makes it very flexible, malleable, versatile and dynamic. This wordpress restaurant theme is built keeping in view colorful aesthetics its Retina ready graphics and makes your visual content come to life.

Italiano is one page parallex design and is prefect for using for your pizza shop(it can also be used for any other type of restaurant, deli, takeaway etc). With this restaurant food ordering system you can stop worrying about programming and just focus on getting more customers and business. This wordpress restaurant design has all the elements needed for a complete restaurant food ordering system including variety of menu to choose from specially customize your own pizza or make your own pizza menu, table booking, dynamic pages.

Italiano also has a variety of marketing options is loyalty points, coupons, push notifications & newsletters etc. and it also helps you bring in more traffic as this wordpress restaurant theme is SEO optimized. You cannot go wrong with this amazing theme for your pizza restaurant.

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LightResto is a simple yet elegant, stylish, well structured, easy to use and very professional. The theme has a very clean looking feel and environment to make your clients focus on dining experience. The layout of this wordpress restaurant theme is designed to get your audience to follow-through with your call-to-action.

Lightresto wordpress restaurant theme is SEO ready and is optimized for speed and loads fassst. The restaurant food ordering system is completely responsive and works across all devices and browsers. Lightresto is Retina Ready and will Impress your customers with your delicacies displayed in high quality images. Google maps is easily integrateable in this theme to display your restaurant location or show the directions to your site. This restaurant food ordering system comes with choice of more than a dozen menu page layout allowing you to display your restaurant menu in any ways you want as it is also comepletely customizable and also you can use any payment gateway for accepting payments across. You have inhouse table booking option and also integration with 3rd party tools like opentable and yelp. With integration with mailchimp and other major mailing tools your marketing is a breeze.

Try Lightresto restaurant food ordering system with all these incredible features and start getting your food business on top!

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Simplesto is the most simple and straight forward theme in this list of wordpress restaurant theme Yet it is very professional, intuitive, engaging and easy to use. Simplesto is also very dynamic and can be used for any type of restaurant business like restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, pizzeries, coffee shops, deli, takeaways etc.

This wordpress restaurant theme is built on understrap theme and uses Twitter bootstrap 4 – this makes your website super responsive and optimised for loading and very very customizable and flexible. The code is also SEO ready and your restaurant food ordering system will be trending in google searches top ranks in no time.

The menu is very standard restaurant menu but is capable of displaying any variations of food items like multiple variations (e.g. food sizes, flavours etc) and various addons. This is one of the most dynamic and accomodating menu. As standard the food ordering system will also have inhouse table booking option and integration with all major table booking services. This really helps to make sure that your restaurant is always full to its capacity. Simplesto is multi-lingual and multi-site and comes with all standard marketing options – blogs, coupons, newsletters, push notifications, loyalty points etc.

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