Talabat.com is the most popular online food ordering platform in the Gulf region spawning a host of Talabat Clone. They boast of nearly 4300 restaurants on its platfrom spread across the GCC (United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait,) and Jordan.

Talabat allows restaurants to be listed on their platform and charge customers 0.500 KWD(Kuwaiti dirhams) per transaction irrespective of the order value/size. Talabat is the only Unicorn start-up in the middle east. There are a lot of Talabat clones coming up in

When 32-year old Abdulaziz Al Loughani first saw potentail in local food delivery company Talabat in 2005, his friends laughed at him. At the time a mere 600,000 people or only 23% of Kuwait’s population—were using the internet. But talabat has beaten al critics and risen from post to post growing at a burning phase of 200% per year.

One of the main reasons that talabat is a leader in food delivery in the gulf region is that they have been one of the early adopters of technology. Talabat prides itself to be leader in the gulf region in employing the latest technologies to turn customers’ experience into more convenient. When the gulf countries had low internet penetration Talabat was offering online ordering and when the mobile boom came talabat released it app much before the boom hit the gulf region. One of the main reasons for talabats success is their mobile apps. Some of the app features are(which Talabat Clone should have):-

Menus with high-resolution images.
Marketing with restaurant promotions, offers and discounts.
Order food via mobile and add any type of special instructions in your order as per what you want.
instant order or pre-order
Live Support chat service
Pay for your order online.
CReate and manage account and vie all details like previous order history.
Update your account and your address information.
Reorder your favorite dish with ease.
Rate and review your orders.
And Much More

Talabat app is rated 4.5/5 stars on google play store.

eDeliveryApp allows new entreprenuers to create Talabat Clone and Go to Market at fraction of cost of what buildng up a system like Talabat Clone will cost. Our system is compeletely turnkey. Few of the key features and modules of the system are:-

– Food Ordering Website – where buyers can browse and place orders.
– Android and Apple Apps – Frontend customer facing and food ordering Android/iOS Mobile App where buyers can browse and place orders.
– Restaurant Owner admin panel for menu/product catalog management and order receiving
– Order taking Android and Apple app for restaurant owner for orders management.
– Super Admin Panel to manage all restaurants and rest of the system.
– Delivery Admin panel to manage drivers and deliveries.
– Androidand Apple Driver Apps for Delivery guy to receive and manage incoming orders.

The food delivery software is multi-lingual and can be used in any country. We provide complete support from set-up of the system, to customization, to go live and then maintenance support. Contact Us today to get your business started.

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