Many new entrepreneurs are looking to build Just eat Clone – read about the story of how justeat was built before you chart your own success path. Just Eat is one of the biggest name in online food delivery services today ranking number seven globally across all the top food delivery services and top-line revenues in range of $500+ million in the year 2016. They act as middleman between restaurants and customers wanting food delivered to their home. They have  an online platform that allows customer to view different restaurants menu and details and place order online, The order is then shared with restaurant  owners and managers, once the food is prepared then just-eat team delivers the food to the customers. Just eat makes money by charging a fee/commissions to the restaurants and customers both.
They began lean in a danish basement in 2001 and after a long journey they are listed in London Stock Exchange today. A Snapshot of their journey from 2001 till date

2001 – just eat was launched by 5 danish entrepreneurs lead by Jesper Buch. The official launch date was August 2001 . Their simple funda was – They realized they were better off letting professionals handle the cooking – all they had to do was make ordering takeaway that little bit easier.
2004 – After 3 long years and running lean Just eat achieved profitability. By this time they had more than 500 restaurants on their platform.
2005 – Justeat reaches a milestone of one million orders. This was no small task and imagine even with profit of $1 per order they would have earned $1 million already:).
2006 – Jesper Buch strongly believed that a launch from London – the financial capital of the globe would take them to different level. He moved to London in 2006 and launched Just Eat UK in March with David Buttress heading the team.
2007 – Next step was international expansion, this started with launch in Netherlands, jespers native in July 2007.
2008 – 2008 was an exciting year with the team reaching a HUGE milestone of 5 million orders and new launch in Ireland. Justeats Chief Financial Officer till the year 2016, Mike Wroe joined them in year 2008. In the same year Klaus Nyengaard joined the company. Under Nyengaard’s direction the company went from having 35 employees based in Denmark to over 1,000 with its headquarters in London.
2009 – Expansion was much faster now. Justeat was launched in Norway and Canada. Justeat got on board 2 new guides as director who would anchor the ship in the long run – Banjamin Holmes from Index Ventures and Frederick Coorevits from SM Trusts.They reached another great milestone of 10 Million order pretty quickly with huge number of restaurants on their platform(there were 1000+ businesses in Denmark alone). The same year Justeat started their marketing blitzkrieg with launch of innovative Belly and Brain TV brand campaign.
2010 – Justeat lands in Spain and takes the bull by the horn. Going with technology trend they launched their first mobile website way back in 2010
2011 – Twenty eleven was the year of partnerships and acquisitions. Justeat formed partnerships with, RestauranteWeb, – along with this they also acquired GrubCanada, YummyWeb and ClickEat.IT. Justeat also forayed in India by partnering up with Ritesh Dwivedy founded HungryZone. Powered by these Justeat reached their 25 million order milestone and another amazing milestone was getting 50,000+ reviews from customers in UK. New people to jump on-board were Adrian Blair as COO and John Hughes as Chairman.
2012 – continuing with the acquisition trend justeat acquired Sindelantal.ES and FillMyBelly in 2012. Their total number of orders doubled in 2012 with the team reaching 50 million orders milestone. Justeat mobile app debuted in 2012 on apple store. They also launched another major marketing campaign Don’t cook, JUST EAT
2013 – Klaus Nyengaard moved on as CEO citing personal reasons and David Buttress moved up and was appointed the CEO. In just 1 year justeat ios app garnered more than a million downloads and Android App was launched.
2014 – Justeat went public in 2014 with launch of their IPO at 260p per share and became a member of the FTSE 250.More money was invested in marketing and advertising with another campaign #minifistpump and acquisiotion and partnerships like EatCity.IE, Orogo and Meal2Go. One new initiative this year was sponsorship of Derby County FC in the UK. Justeat also reached an iconic mark of 100 million orders this year.
2015 – by 2015 justeat and team have become one of the most influential companies in the world. John Hughes was recognized as Tech Personality of the Year and Mike Wroe as FTSE 250 FD of Year at the prestigious FDs’ Excellence Awards 2015. David Buttress was ranked as one of Britain’s 500 most influential people in Debrett’s 500. The acquisitions and mergers road roller is still going strong. in 2015 justeat acquired, Clicca e Mangia (Milan),DeliveRex (Rome), Sindelantal.Mexico, Eat.CH etc. Acquisition of Menulog Group for A$855 million was one of the major takeover. Henri Moissinac was
replaced by Diego Oliva as the justeat INED and Lisa Hillier appointed as the first Chief People Officer. Another major initiative of this year was justeat entered into a five-year, £90m multi-currency RCF (Barclays, HSBC, RBS).
2016 – IN 2016 Justeat reached their 200th million order landmark for UK. Benjamin Holmes & Michael Risman retired in 2016 and Fernando Fanton was appointed
the CTO. Justeat acquired good number of businesses from its main competitors. Foodpanda sold their business in Brazil and mexico and Rocket Internet sold
their businesses in Spain and Italy to Justeat.
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