One questions thats in the mind of each entrepreneur and business man who is planning to start their own online food ordering business is what software will be best for my needs and how do I select it? What are the pro’s and con’s of each offering. Which business model should I go for?

This is a really tricky question however when you have clear data in front of you decision making is more easy. We have created a comparison chart of each type of turn key online ordering system available in the market today. This will help you decide which is the best model and system for you.

Apart from this keep in mind that its best to have your system on your own server and under your own control and ownership. Letting your system be on someone else’s server is a big risk you are taking, as generally lot of such software providers provide SAAS model keep the system on their server and to bait buyers keep literally no upfront costs to get started however once your business starts growing their demands may increase and fees may increase. In this situation you are helpless and completely at the software providers mercy and have no choice but have to comply as not only your data but even your google listing is dependent on them and I know business owners who had to start all over again due to the strong arm tactics.

Here is the link of eDeliveryApp- Online Food Ordering System homepage.

Read on the comparison blog and do share your comments:-

Commision based Monthly/yearly Fees Restaurant aggregators eDelivery Custom built
Upfront set-up costs Low to Medium Low to Medium Low to Medium Medium Very High
Set-up process easy to average easy to average easy to average average Very Difficult
Long term costs Very High High Very High Low Low
Branding Good Good Bad Good Good
Payment system Additional fees Additional fees Providers payment system No additonal fees No additonal fees
Control No control No control No control 100% own control 100% own control
Mobile apps Either no mobile apps or a hybrid Either no mobile apps or a hybrid Yes Beautiful native apps Very high costs
Design Limited choices available Limited choices available No choice Choose from 100’s of themes and templates Custom design
Scalable No No No Yes Yes
3rd Party software No No No Yes Yes