Food is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is no industry even close to food industry in terms of low entry cost and ease of finding the right skill set. There is multi million multinational food chain business like MacDonald’s and there are simple home cooked food delivery business run by house wife’s from their homes.

Today let’s talk about how to setup a home based food delivery business with low investment using a turnkey online food delivery system – edeliveryapp.

For a home based food delivery business the first a foremost item you need is kitchen where you can cook your dishes and another room for accounting, business management and operational purpose. Make sure this is comfortable coz you will be needing a good place to recuperate and plan your business. Kitchen is not the right place for this. Another point to consider in place is the location of your place. It’s better that it’s a central location to your delivery area. One this will reduce the time it takes for you to deliver to your customers. Also this will reduce your delivery costs.

For food items you would be the best person to decide that but keep in mind that you cater to a specific demand for example if you have lot of offices around you try to have a good portion of your menu catering to quick lunches that office goers prefer.

Hire a delivery guy based on your requirement if your orders are trickle then it would be better to do delivery by yourself – it s better to keep costs lean during the initial period. But make sure you have a delivery guy if you are getting overlapping orders – does not make sense to loose customers due to delayed delivery. This is very very important -THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL FOOD DELIVERY BUSINESS IS REPEAT CUSTOMERS. If you have this right and keep on adding even a few repeat customers each month then you are headed in the right direction.

Next you would need an online food ordering software. Edeliveryapp is a turnkeyonline food ordering system software that you can use to allow your customers to order food online across all platforms. Few features of edeliveryapp are (rest you can contact them directly to talk and know):-

Customer facing website with admin panel – the customer facing website is based on WordPress/woocommerce and is known for its easy adaptability for even an average Joe. You have a variety of designs to choose from. The core features of ordering are integrated with display menu and adding to cart and checkout. Customers can create account and reorder. Apart from this there are multiple modules for adding any needed feature like social login integrated, loyalty and coupons, many payment gateways, pizza customizer, addons food items etc. You can manage everything from admin panel including add/edit/delete menu, view orders in real time, update and view order status in real time etc.

Note on Design – plz make sure that the design of your system is unique and reflects what your business stands for as your software interface will be your primary mode of your customers interaction with your customers.

Customer facing mobile apps – the mobile apps have all the features that the customer facing website has in a sleek visual interface.

Facebook app – engage your customers with your store on Facebook. Edeliveryapp comes with a Facebook store app.

Mobile dashboard – to manage your orders on the go you also have an iOS and Android dashboard. You can view and manage all your orders here in realtime. iOS version is free and provided by woocommerce

POS – woocommerce provides a free PoS system and there is also a premium version with more advanced features.

Further edeliveryapp system can be integrated with most of printers.

You will not need more than these features to start your business. Further features can be added as and when you grow.

The last and most important item is how you market your business. This is the item that defines the success and failure of your business. A very simple rule of thumb here is be in the face – be visible everywhere where your potential customers can be. Offline and online both – distribute flyers, paste stickers – everything to let people know that your business is also an option, sooner or later people will reach out coz food is something that everyone likes to change often and try new ones. Online also be there in your local search results, community forums everywhere that your local residents are and yes social sites where you can reach out to your users and let them know that your business exists.

This was a short brief on running a home based food delivery business. Feel free to reach out to me on edeliveryapp-online food ordering system website if you need any help or support for your business.

I also have an article on how to run a multi-restaurant delivery business using a multi-restaurant delivery system from do read it.

Will look forward to helpful tips in form of comments from my readers.