Deliveroo – if you are an entrepreneur in food delivery domain you would definitely have heard this name bcoz of them innumerable Deliveroo Clone businesses have sprouted up . Headquartered in Soho, London Deliveroo has offices and operates in 84 cities across more than a dozen countries I.e. the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Deliveroo employs more than 13,000 employees and has about 20,000 self employed couriers on rolls. Deliveroo delivers for more than 8000 restaurants.


Deliveroo was started in year 2013 and has grown from strength to strength – growing at a steady rate of 25℅ per month. Below is the details of funding deliveroo has received during the period of 2014-2016-

  • June 2014, Deliveroo’s first funding round of £2.75 million series A investment by Index Ventures and Hoxton Ventures leading the round
  • January 2015, received its 2nd round $25 million in series B funding largely from Index Ventures, Hummingbird Ventures & Hoxton Ventures
  • July 2015, further $70 million in series C investment from Index Ventures and Greenoaks Capital was pumped into the system.
  • November 2015, Deliveroo got $100 million in Series D round
  • August 2016, In Series E Deliveroo got a whopping $275 million from Bridgepoint.

Though as a whole Deliveroo has not grown profitable till last year – It is rumored that Deliveroo grows profitable in each city as same rate as Uber.

Lets look at the story behind the founder of this phenomenal company.

William Shu – founder of Deliveroo is a Chinese born(the Chinese here also:)) American from new York. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in year 2003 and age 24. After his education he joined Morgan Stanley as Associate Analyst.

Seed of Deliveroo were planted in Williams mind when he was transferred to London when working at Morgan Stanley. William had a modest financial background so had to work after hours in restaurants and bars at Canary Wharf to make ends meet.

New York, from where William had recently moved had a full blown and grown food delivery ecosystem. The lack of food delivery services in London was where William saw the opportunity and need. As an office goer himself he realized how time-consuming and frustrating it was to walk down to burger King or Tesco to buy his lunch. He sorely missed his New York delivery guys.

During that time London food-delivery scene was in nascent phase. Justeat had launched in London in 2006.

William left his job and went to Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania to study Masters of Business Administration. He graduated from here in 2012. He took Greg Orlowski a computer programmer and his childhood friend as a co-founder and started deliveroo in Feb 2013.

William himself was the first delivery guy. He spent the entire year of 2013 driving his scooter around the suburbs of Chelsea in Central London for nearly 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gave him a first hand understanding of the logistical network he was building. Even though William came from a zero logistics background this 10 months gave him the experience that no business school can give. The secret of Deliveroo’s growth is Williams being hyper-focused on logistics and keeping the entire structure lean and mean.

There are lot of stories on how William faced the early days of startup along the way. His friends would order all the time just to see him deliver food because they thought it was super funny. They were bankers and they thought it was really funny but they kept ordering and William kept delivering. And then one time, an old colleague ordered who he hadn’t spoken to in about four or five years and he used to work at the hedge fund with him. William got to this really big house in Knightsbridge and this guy opens the door and he looks at him and he’s like ‘Will, what are you doing?’ will didn’t remember him too well so he was like ‘Excuse me?’ and he asked ‘Are you okay?’ and will was like ‘Yes, I’m just here to deliver your pizzas’. He thought will was absolutely insane and had lost it. Will got that a lot in the beginning.

Their business grew slowly but steadily in the initial phase more through word of mouth publicity and less through digital or any other sort of marketing as neither will nor Greg were marketing and sales people. Initially they spread across only in london. This entire phase was self funded. Their first city outside of London was Brighton and then to Manchester. In April 2015 deliveroo launched in Paris, Berlin and Dublin. Rest is history in start-up and food delivery world.

It’s stories like these that inspire me and millions of entrepreneurs to give up their secure cushy jobs and face the uncertainty of a start-up to create something unique, something new that only they had imagined.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to monetize food delivery opportunities in your city, you wont need to struggle as much as Will in atleast setting your software for delivery business. eDeliveryApp is a complete Food Delivery Software system comprising of Website, Mobile App, Delivery Management System to manage your drivers and other mobile apps like restaurant apps etc. You can call is Deliveroo clone in terms of features but its flexible and can be customized completely to personalize for your business. Contact us today to know more.

What Is Deliveroo Clone?

Deliveroo is a super successful food delivery business that was started by William Shu in the year 2013. Since the year 2014-2015 many new entrepreneurs who enter food delivery business are copying Deliveroo business model and entire workflow. Software vendors provide these entrepreneurs with software suite that is very similar to Deliveroo’s original software and they can whitelabel this software and launch their own food delivery business. This software suite is known as Deliveroo Clone.

What Will You Get In eDeliveryApp’s Deliveroo Clone

eDeliveryApp is a 7+ year old provider of online and open source delivery software including food delivery software. One of the products they have is Deliveroo Clone. Before we get into the features of eDeliveryApp’s Deliveroo Clone lets look at the main reason why you should buy Deliveroo Clone from eDeliveryApp:-

  • We are a established 7+ years old company with specialization in geolocation based open source delivery apps.  ONLY our deliveroo clone is ISO 9001:2015 certified(hence ensuring the best quality) and we have won accolades across online software vendor platforms like capterra, G2, TrustRadius etc. winning 5 star ratings along with raving fans and multiple awards from these platforms.
  • We guarantee the BEST and MOST COST EFFECTIVE PRICING in the industry. We had an ongoing challenge running for 2 years to show one vendor who offers better value than us and guess what? no-one won. This offer is still open for you – show us another vendor who gives better value for money than us and we pay for your software.
  • Our customer support is NOT one of the best BUT THE BEST Customer Support that you can expect from any software vendor. Dont believe me just try by pinging us now and see the immediate response.
  • You will get a Dedicated Account Manager who will be your right hand from start to finish and go-live of the project. We will setup the complete software on your servers and upload on both apps stores for you and test and ensure that everything is working properly the way it should. This avoids you risk of getting any buggy code.
  • We provide 6 months bug free and updates support post delivery of the system. This is the best in the industry.
  • The system source code is completely open source and unencrypted. Along with setup we also provide custom modifications to the system to create custom designs and Add/Modify any new features that you want in your system. Also note our custom coding costs are also very reasonable compared to any other vendors. We charge only $7/hr for custom coding. So with us it wont happen that you buy the default system at lower cost but your customizations far exceed your budget.
  • The entire system will be completely white-label with no mention of our name. It will be completely your branding.
  • We give 7 days Go-live guarantee for default system setup or money back offer.

Now Lets look at the modules and features of Deliveroo Clone by eDeliveryApp:-

Deliveroo Clone Customer Facing Website Features:-

  • Our Deliveroo Clone comes with Fast Loading and SEO Optimized Food delivery Website that is Fully Responsive.
  • Along with the design you see in the demo you can request for any customized design to create your own unique business and not just be another food delivery clone.
  • User can create account on the site using email/phone number along with social media logins like facebook and google. You can also use OTP based phone number logins on the site if you want. Customer can also do Guest Checkout if they want to.
  • User’s current location can be automatically detected and user can search for restaurants around them using different types of search options like geolocation based using google autocomplete, Using PIN CODE/POST CODE, Different Food Categories/Cuisines etc.  User can also search by using city and that cities area names(these can be custom created by the admin in the backend for geographies where areas are not standard defined or local names are used).
  • User can see all restaurants and search results on google maps with map view in Deliveroo Clone.
  • User can also filter search results by different food types, ratings, delivery fees, food cost etc.
  • Owner can monetize their web space by showing sponsored, featured restaurants, Different offers from different restaurants and ad spaces.
  • Restaurants and driver can directly signup from your deliveroo clone webpage.
  • You can add Different links on the homepage like Your App Download Links, Social Media Links in Footer, Create custom pages and add their links in footer(similar to WordPress)m standard contact us page with configurable fields and google maps.
  • Each Restaurant can create their own landing pages with their own sub link(like, etc. ) and add all their information on this page like name, address, map address, different social media links, open/close times, About their restaurant, Gallery images of their restaurants etc.
  • Restaurants can also provide table booking if they want in Deliveroo Clone.
  • Easymenu Maker lets u create absolutely any type of menu for your restaurant. You can add any number of categories or sub categories, any type of product along with innumerable combinations of addons(free and paid addons), side dishes, dish sizes, combinations etc. to the dish. You can also add ingredients, calories, different attributes of the dish like gluttonfree etc. The easymenu maker is so customizable that you can even create a fully custom pizza/make your own pizza in the menu!!!
  • There are multiple types of menu layout for example no images only text layout, small image layout, bigger image grid layout etc.
  • The cart is sticky and innovative with dynamic distance based delivery charges calculation, delivery/pickup/din-in option and date/time selection(or no need to select date/time).
  • On checkout user can add and use their addresses from address book or directly update their address on google maps with their current location. 
  • We have coupons, discounts and loyalty points integrated in the system.
  • Multiple payment methods are pre-integrated including globals ones like paypal, stripe and and many local payment payment gateways like razorpay, mpesa. mollie payments, payumoney etc. We can also custom integrate any other local payment gateway.
  • On order submission users get receipts via email. 
  • User can order with Contactless Delivery Option.
  • Users get status updates via email and push notifications. You can also send SMS updates to users using preintegrated SMS services like twilio, nexmo, msg91 and many more preintegrated sms providers.
  • Users can also live track the driver on the map with live ETA in minutes to view their delivery status.
  • User can Rate & Review Restaurants, Orders and Drivers in deliveroo Clone.
  • Users have standard customer profile with order history and One Click Reordering. User can also add their Favorite Restaurants in their favorite list.
  • Deliveroo Clone is fully multi-language/multilingual including full RTL support and any lanagueg can be set as default language.
  • Deliveroo Clone is fully multi-currency and supports multi country/multi-location businesses.
  • Deliveroo Clone has inbuilt Chat support for users using free chat software.

Deliveroo Clone Customer Android & iOS App Features:-

  • Our Deliveroo Clone Customer Android & iOS Apps have exact same features as the Deliveroo Clone Website features that you read about in above – “Deliveroo Clone Customer Facing Website Features”.
  • Apart from the above features you get Super performing Native Apps for both Android & iOS built using the best hybrid apps framework so that your long term maintenance costs are also lower.
  • For Apps also you can request any custom design to make the software unique to your business.
  • Our team helps you upload and publish the apps on both the apps stores.
  • We can Add QR Code reader for menu’s in the system if needed.
  • The Deliveroo Clone Website and Apps are fully GDPR and other global online businesses compliance policies including SCA

Addons For Both Customer Website and Android/iOS Apps

  • Customer Wallets
  • Helpdesk Support