Tookan is a field force management platform and edeliveryapp is a complete online ordering system with a complete comprehensive module for delivery and drivers management with deep google maps(and few other maps providers) integration. Today we compare features, pricing and value for money that each system offers and which system should users go for as per their requirement.

Tookan and edeliveryapp both have similar layout for delivery and driver management dashboard with the map located in middle and all task/driver and other details on either side of the map. So first let’s see the similarities between both of them:-

-Both edeliveryapp and Tookan give you a comprehensive dashboard view to manage your team and deliveries from the dashboard. On the dashboard map with real-time view of all your drivers and tasks is displayed. On the left hand side you have tasks with their status management and on the right hand side you have drivers list with their current status.

-Tasks management allows you to view list on tasks, incoming tasks, assigned and unassigned tasks. You can assign tasks manually to agents/drivers/delivery boys from here.

– Details of the tasks and history can be viewed by drilling down the task.

– View agent status on the right hand side of the dashboard.

– Tasks can be auto-assigned to agents, Both edeliveryapp and tookan have custom inbuilt business logic to assign tasks to agents based on either nearest agent to location or send task to all agents/driver and the one who accepts first is assigned the task. Tookan also has batchwise assignment for tasks.

– Both systems give you a lot of system settings options in the backend.

– You can Add drivers to the system from your backend. Drivers id’s and required details like type of vehicle etc. is also there.

– You can also add teams of drivers to your system for better management.

– New tasks can be added manually from the backend.

– Both platfroms offer Mobile Apps for agents.

– Agents can view new tasks in their mobile apps and accept or decline them from the app.

– Agents can manage task status from the app.

– Agents can view task details and route from their current location to customer location on map in their mobile apps.

– Agents can add proof of delivery like customer signature, notes, selfie images or image as proof from the app.

Now lets look at pricing for both:-

Tookan only offers SAAS based system with per delivery based pricing starting at $18/month for 150 deliveries(then charging per task for additional tasks) with additional cost for branding till their standard version costing $359/month. This is a bit too expensive specially for startups with limited budget and in delivery business where margins are wafer-thin and each additional cost will eat in your profit.

eDeliveryApp offers a complete outright system with source code that you can set-up on your own server. This costs you only $1700 for complete website + delivery and driver management backend + android and ios apps. For customer who prefer SAAS based models edeliveryapp provides a unique BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER MODEL where the customer starts on SAAS based rental model by paying a small set-up fees of $300 and then monthly rental of $55 with no limitations or extra billings or no per task billing or anything. The monthly rental is flat $55. Also the BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER model allows the customer to buy the system outright anytime down the line when they want to move to their own server and have complete control over their system. Read more about this model here. 

Now let us look at the differences of Tookan and eDeliveryApp:-

-Tookan app offers a lot of prebuilt modules through their marketplace. This is very convenient for business as no system fits all needs out of box. However one flipside is that each module adds a monthly cost to the system instead of outright purchase and this can go pretty high if you add 2-3 modules. Tookan also offer custom features development but again their pricing is on the higher side in range of $20-30/hour.
eDeliveryApp offers few core modules like billing for drivers and also for outright purchase of the software you can completely customize/modify the code as its opensource.You can hire an edeliveryapp delivery for $300/per week or $7.5/hour. For the hosted version eDeliveryApp offer a unique proposal – You can completely modify customize the software and all its features just like you would on your own server. The cost would also be the same. The only difference will be that the code will be on edeliveryapp server till the time you dont buy the source code outright. This unique model allows you to build your software in hosted version without investing a load of money upfront and then when ready and profitable you can take complete control of your system.

-Tookan app has geofencing which is missing in eDeliveryApp.

-Tookan app does not have a front-facing website to take in customer orders and tasks directly however tookan app has integrations with many cms’s and 3rd plarty platfroms which can be used to take in orders directly and also tookan has csv import for importing in tasks. eDeliveryApp offers a front-facing marketplace website where you can add restaurants(or any other business for that matter) and list their offering to take in orders directly and convert them to tasks in backend. edeliveryapp has limited direct integrations with 3rd party platfrom but can custom integrate any platfrom if needed. Note that eDeliveryApp needs to have the frontfacing website installed on server to run the delivery and driver management system optimally. If you dont need frontfacing website then you can simply install and hide it.

-Tookan app gives a web link for customer to track the orders in realtime. eDeliveryApp provides customer facing app in which customer can directly track the driver/agent live on the map.

These are few of similarities and difference between Tookan App and eDeliveryApp. Would really appreciatte if other actual live users of these tools add more points in the comments(which I would be happy to add in the article).

If you are interested in eDeliveryApp you can contact the team from the contact from on this page or here.