GetSwift is Enterprise grade Delivery Management System that is publicly listed on the ASX (GSW). eDeliveryApp is an Online Food Ordering System with complete delivery management very similar to GetSwift System. GetSwift serves more of enterprise grade clients and eDeliveryApp is more focused on SMB and individual entrepreneurs who need a more customised offering that can be tailored for businesses that have unique requirements. lets have a side by side look at features of both the products that will help you decide which of these is best suited to your needs.

Delivery & Driver Management Backend:-

-GetSwift has a standard backend similar to eDeliveryApp(and one that is standard with most delivery management systems provider) with a real time aerial map view of all the deliveries and driver, an incoming tasks list and driver list with their current status. EdeliveryApp has similar view with just little different UI componenets.

-For Automated tasks assignment GetSwift provides a proprietary algorithm that autoassigns tasks to drivers based on distance, Smart Batch, availability, current load capacity, direction, location an one of unique feature that is only with getswift – best performing driver and few other parameters. eDeliveryApp provides autoassignment on 2 logics one is assigning as per closest location and 2nd is send to all drivers and one who accepts first is assigned the job. Both allow sending notifications through push notifications though GetSwift allows more different sending options in push also.

-Apart from manually adding tasks and exporting tasks in csv format GetSwift provides frontend booking form for booking deliveries. You can also integrate GetSwift with multiple 3rd party softwares wth ready integrations available or you can use their api for custom integration. eDeliveryApp allows your to set-uup your own marketplace from where buyers can place order and these orders get sent in the backend as tasks. Also admin can add tasks manually or import csv files with tasks.

-View all tasks in list and manage them from the list is available in bppth GetSwift and eDeliveryApp

-Customer can view driver status in realtime in their customer ordering app for edeliveryapp. GetSwift provides the same option via sms and mail.

-Getswift provides proprietary routing algorithm that claims to optimize delivery route for drivers. eDeliveryApp uses route optimization from google maps to enhance the driver routes. This also includes the latest 2 wheeler mode from google.

Driver Apps:-

-Both getswift and edeliveryapps provide both android and ios apps for the drivers to management their tasks from within the apps interface. Driver can accept or decline tasks, update status of the tasks once accepted. Both provide multiple status options to help driver manage tasks effectively.

-Driver can view the route from and to the delivery locations in both the apps from both the providers.

-Push and SMS can be sent to customers to give real time status like when driver picks up the order or when the driver is outside. This allows convenience to customers to get updates in real time.

-Getswift offers multiple options as proof of delivery like have customer signature in the app, take a photo selfie, make notes, check off from the list, scan a bar code etc. eDeliveryApp also offers similar options as proof of delivery except edeliveryapp does not have the option to scan a barcode.

-Getswift gives ETA for driver arrival times – edeliveryapp uses the times given by google maps to shown the eta of travel times by the driver.

Now look at some of the differences between Getswift and eDeliveryApp:-

-Getswift offers a loyalty program in their delivery management system. eDeliveryApp does not have a loyalty program in their delivery management system however edeliveryapp does provide this option in their frontend food ordering system.

-Users of Getswift can rate drivers as per their satisfaction this option is missing in edeliveryapp.

-Getswift offers a different set of services for enterprise clients. eDeliveryapp is more focussed on SMB’s and individual entreprenuers.

-Getswift offers a host of reports which are very very comprehensive – edeliveryapp lacks on this front and provides basic reports.

-Getswift offers a dispatching radius for notifications – this will send notifications only to drivers within a certain radius that is set by the main admin. Again this feature is lacking in edeliveryapp.


-GetSwift has pay as you go pricing which they claim starts at $0.29. Even to get a proper quote on per delivery task they insist on entering all your details and submit a contact request. This feels like a fishy – pricing should be transparent and you dont need to have to mandatorily talk to a salesman who most probably would pester you to buy if you dont like the pricing and generally higher priced products use this tactic to bait buyers.

-For eDeliveryApp you can buy the system outright with source code for only $1700. The cost includes a multi-vendor frontend marketplace website with admin and subadmin for each vendor + Customer Ordering Apps + Driver & Delivery Management System with Driver Apps and even order taking apps for restaurants. For clients looking for SAAS/Rental Model eDeliveryApp offers a unique BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER MODEL where you can start with a SAAS based rental model and then buy out the same system with all its modifications The rental starts as low as $20 depending on the modules you need. Read more about the BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER MODEL here.

If you are interested to know more about how eDeliveryApp can work as Food Delivery Software then contact us today.