Orderlord is a Slovakia Based company that provides software for food delivery management. Orderlord was launched in year 2014. The main aim of the system is to help restaurant owners and teams to manage their food orders easily and get full control over real time orders, create tasks for deliveries, and dispatch to drivers as well as keep a track of each order/task.
eDeliveryApp is very similar to over all offering of orderlord compared to other delivery management and field force management system.

Both the software are primarily for restaurants and food delivery management[though edeliveryapp is pretty flexible and can be used for any other local delivery domain]. Orderload offers ordering website for single restaurants and chain of restaurants, edeliveryapp offers ordering website for single restaurants, chain of restaurants and multi-restaurant commmision based aggeragator businesses. eDeliveryApp also offer Android & iOs apps for Frontend Customer food ordering.

Orderload and edeliveryapp both have nearly 80% similar Delivery & Driver Managment Dashbaords and system. Their common points are:-

  • Web Based delivery and driver management dashboard with realtime list of all incoming orders as tasks and realtime status of all drivers in another list. The dashboard also has Eagle Eye view of everything on google maps including deliveries and customers.
  • Tasks can be manually assigned to driver or can be assigned automatically based on business logic like assign to available drivers, assign to nearest drivers etc.
  • Get Instant alerts on delayed deliveries, inactive drivers, unassigned deliveries etc. on your dashboard and manage easily.
  • Multiple reports and driver trackback details to manage your business.
  • Seamless Communication through Push Notifications, SMS and emails.
  • Both Android and iOS Driver/delivery guy Apps to View/Accept/Decline delivery orders.
  • Driver Can manage status of the tasks through the apps and View optiomised routes on google maps to customer locations.
  • Customers can track drivers in realtime on maps.
  • Proof of deliveries inluding signatures and photos available in driver apps.
  • Both provide open api to import or send tasks via webservices.

There does not seem to be any major differences between Orderload and edeliveryapp. The data Orderlord provides on their actual features seem to be limited without any actual demostration.

Even in terms of pricing orderlord does not offer any details on their websites and at some places on the net they have mentioned $100 per month for their SAAS based system. edeliveryapp is available in both one time outright purchase with unencrypted source to set-up on your server or a SAAS type rental cum buyout option similar to BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER business model starting on $20 per month cost.

One of the most Unique features of edeliveryapp is that even on rental basis you can customize the entire system interms of design or new features and carry over these custom changes to your server whenever you buy the system outright. This allows you the cost benefit of a SAAS system to start off your business and flexibility, security and control of your own hosted system.