Shopping everything online is the new trend and the food and grocery industry is not untouched by this transition in any way“. The online grocer is either a brick-and-mortar supermarket or grocery store that allows online ordering or an independent e-commerce service that includes retail material. There is usually a delivery fee for this service. The online retail distribution service is available throughout Europe, Asia, and North America throughout the European Union. Ordering by e-commerce websites or mobile apps .

Here are reasons why grocery ordering system is growing trend.

1.Increase regular customers:

To Increase regular customers you only need to impress customers with the first order. Once the customer is satisfied that you can become more regular in your customers. A growing list of trusted customers is a steady increase in business.

2.Freshness and Quality of Food Assured

Nobody is happy with bad quality. Bad quality leads to a lot of additional and unnecessary work done for the customer’s grievance department. Taking orders online allows vendors to procure and deliver products just in time instead of storing the products. It is a good practise for them to send only the latest product on home delivery orders. Reputable stores will guarantee that if you are not happy with your delivery, they will give you a refund.

3. Search for Better Deals

More customers are looking for better deals through online portal. There is growing popularity Co-branded credit cards, especially large online e-commerce affiliates with retailers. Before shopping products, customers usually check items discount and other loyalty prizes. And this is a win win situation – Deals also prompt customers to buy more products and vendors can also clear slow moving stocks and earn more profits.

4. No More Queuing or Parking Hassles

Shopping online means you do not have a parking problem to find a place in the shopping mall car park, withdrawals at checkout, and if you want to buy the best time you will not discuss the store’s rush. This also is win win for vendor as vendor does not have to invest in parking space which is very expensive anywhere on this planet.

 5. Need for Convenience

The last thing you want for a retail store is complaining of disapproved customers getting bad quality goods. This leads to a lot of additional and unnecessary work done for the customer’s grievance department.
There is Increased demand for ready facilities increased partially, processed and increased demand Meals for meals Small families and one-person usually get time to cook and they are there is more chance of buying more convenient food items.

6Social Networking Interaction

Retailers are cooperating with the social networking platform to enable continuous connections. Customers install a trusted branding Image through social media platforms.
Generally people share posts with retailers and complain about products.Well they give compliments for good products as well..!!! People do experience directly through the retailers home page .

7. Sales 24/7 

IN a brick and mortar shop you can sell only 8 -12 hours a day and there is huge infrastructure required for selling in a brick and mortar shop. There are electricity costs, infrastructure costs, salespeople salaries etc. in a brick and mortar stores your expenses are higher and profits less but in a online stores you dont have lot of overheads so your profits are more in lesser expenses.

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