Problems Associated With Online Grocery Delivery and Solutions
The grocery industry is a huge one and as such has numerous problems it faces. Every person needs various provisions, so trips to the grocery stores are needed at least once a month. Online Grocery Market has become a popular trend in the United Kingdom, especially with the increase in the number of Grocery Delivery Apps.
This makes it highly convenient for customers to order and have their orders delivered or picked up when they have a chance. However, busy schedules have made it harder for people to do these things, so there is a need for an easier solution. The shift from a standard grocery store to an online buying one has its challenges.
Deliberating whether you should create a Grocery delivery app for your Grocery business? Check these problems and their solutions.
1. Unsystematic and Incompetent Delivery System: Most customers make spontaneous orders from a grocery store. Most orders are as a result of a sudden craving which are then expected to be delivered without delay to the customer. Several people prefer going to the store over any online ordering as most of them work and might not be at home to receive their delivered goods.
Solution: There should be an implementation of delivery schedules. Any order successfully placed on the Online grocery delivery app should be delivered within 30 minutes. This should establish a clear timeline to let the buyer effectively manage their time before the delivery.
2. Difficulty Getting Established in Small Areas: People living in small areas or towns do not have a good method of entertainment, and most times, they only interact with people in the grocery store. Most people who physically buy the products are good at bargaining, and this doesn’t happen with the online grocery delivery app. Most people are not conscious of technology and to them, downloading the app and placing an order seems like a huge deal.
Solution: The grocery store owner should organize an awareness program where he or she could interact with those people and get some good reputation for your brand. This way, those people will develop interest and begin using the grocery delivery app.
3. Losing Profits Due To Various Deals: Most customers use the Online grocery delivery app as there are excellent low-price deals available. However, with the transition from a store to an online grocery delivery app, the store owner has spent a lot of money and offering these deals will result in losses in the company’s finances. Most people would prefer assessing their fruits physically instead of viewing on a screen or when delivered.
Solution: Include non-perishable items such as personal care items, packaged foods, etc. that do not require much storage space and are cheaper to have delivered. You save expenses this way while satisfying your customers. There will be a reduction in operation cost if the offline and online methods are merged.
4. Inbuilt Consumer Behavior: Most people won’t use the online grocery delivery app but visit the store. Their belief is that things sold online are not fresh. A recent survey showed that at least 4% of customers in Los Angeles and 16% in New York purchased groceries online while the remaining percent preferred store visits.
Solution: Organic products are highly sought after but they are inadequate. There are different ways of obtaining them at an affordable price. Customers see the food quality, and care about the value of your store’s brand. A good brand reputation attracts more customers.
It is a good idea to transition to an online grocery delivery app. Be sure to take a few steps to overcome challenges faced by other grocery store owners.
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