In a recent turn of events, most of the customers and consumers have decided to stay at home due to the coronavirus outbreak and this has resulted in increased traffic of online shoppers. Not only this, but the delivery services are also seeing a boom in their businesses as most of the people are staying at home and ordering take away food.

In a survey conducted by Barclaycard, most of the shoppers are staying home due to the fear of getting engaged with the virus. Therefore the majority of the busy streets and markets are seen empty with no or very little people.

According to the survey, departmental stores, restaurants and clothing shops saw a decrease of 3.6%, 6.4%, and 1.7% respectively and this was only the month of February.

Airline industry and travel agents experienced a fall of 0.7% and 0.3% in their business and this even before the restrictions came into action after witnessing Italy and China.

On one hand, businesses are having plummeting revenues, and on the other hand, digital businesses are witnessing a boom in their market. 12.4% increase has been recorded in the profit of Now TV and Netflix as their subscriptions have skyrocketed. Another big benefactor from the outbreak are the delivery services attached to the food takeaways.

According to data of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) along with KPMG (an advisory firm), the following statistics have been noted.
Sales in established stores 0.4% (Decrease)
Online Product Shopping 3.6% (Increase)
Online Food Ordering 1% (Increase)
Sales in Stores 1.8% (Decrease)

According to Helen Dickinson who is the chief executive of the BRC, the fashion-related sales have especially on the hook as storms of Jorge, Dennis, and Ciara took over in the month of February. However, the food sector along with the healthcare system saw a little rise as people experienced the coronavirus outbreak. Although the people in the UK have shown an increase in their shopping in recent months, higher retail sales are yet to be seen again.

KPMG retail head in the UK, Paul Martin mentioned coronavirus to be a reason for the delay in election campaign Boris Johnson, called the Borin Bounce has also seen the light of a delay because of the virus. In February, the UK was hit by multiple storms which caused the online shopping to be a bit higher than the one in conventional markets. Although the general demand for items that are not food-based, still remains low.

However, the statistics provided by both the firms are not including the variation of sales in the past week as shoppers rushed to the markets and collected their fair share of stock comprised of tinned, tomatoes, dried pasta, hand sanitizers, and toilet rolls. Even the businesses of restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs that saw a downfall in the past week have also not been mentioned in the survey properly.

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