In the trend of being a pizzeria owner, many people begin their business with little to no experience. They assume that the skill of baking the best pizza is enough to make the business a hit. But, most of them are unaware that a business is much more than just making a quality product. There are many steps involved to get orders rolling in. Moreover, as a new comer they can’t afford to spend huge amount of money on advertising. In this case, the thing that makes the pizzeria to stand out of others is the features it has to offer. In order to get your pizzeria up to the mark, you need to know the latest trends in pizza delivery. In this article, we will discuss some of the latest trends in pizza delivery.

Third-part delivery

When new comers enter the pizza business, one of the big challenges they face is delivery. At that point of time, they are not big enough to afford their own pizza delivery service. In this case, they can use services from third-parties like Lyft, Uber, GrubHub and many more.

Online ordering and smartphone apps

Due to the rapid expansion of mobile users across the globe, online ordering of pizza is gaining traction. New comers to the pizza industry can use online services to get online orders. This is a good option to gain traction for new businesses because online advertisement is comparatively cheaper and more specific than offline. Furthermore, an online presence gives a good reputation to your business.

Regional Styles

For the last three years, the introduction of regional styles has added to the attractiveness of the pizzerias. Customers like to have different tastes of pizzas at different times. So, it is a good add on if you are planning to start a pizzeria.

Dome-top ovens

When your pizzeria is serving offline, having the traditional pizzeria vibe adds to the attractiveness. Some customers love the theme of the pizzeria and this subconsciously creates a positive impression in their mind. Also, this can help your pizzeria create a place in the visitors’ mind that reminds them of your pizzas.

Mobile pizzerias

Mobile pizzerias are increasing day by day. Food trailers and trucks are gaining more and more popularity. These mobile pizzerias are not only attracting weekend visitors but also pizza outlet owners see a benefit of adding a mobile unit to their service. There are huge benefits of this process. The mobile units can travel anywhere they want. They can travel to parks and recreational places and can attract hefty profits.

Gluten free pizza

As there are many people getting aware about their health, they supress their urge to eat food like pizza. There are many companies offering gluten free flours. This is believed to bring a new twist in the pizza industry.

Attractive discounts

There are many discount strategy that can give you a sustainable traffic of customers. Again, a discount subconsciously creates an urge in the customer to buy the product. This can give you some initial popularity.

Unique freebies

Another trend in pizza industry is freebies. A freebie is a small product that you give away to the customers when they fulfil a certain criteria. Let me give an example. A freebie can be a mini cupcake when the customer buys a pizza. But, a freebie is not necessarily a physical object. It can also be services like coupon code or free delivery. Pizzerias are using it and incurring huge profits.


Customizations are not necessarily an extra slice of cheese. They can be shape, size and many more. Sometimes they can be flavour. Here you can showcase your own creativity and skills.

These are some trends that are on-going in the pizza business. However, these are not the only features. You can add up any extra feature and experiment with it. This is how businesses work. You experiment. You fail or win. Good luck on your business. Thank You.

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