Thinking what to eat for your evening snack without any hassle?

Not to worry, “There’s an app for that”.

But there are actually a ton of amazing food ordering apps which provides a beautiful hassle free interface with delicious food options from your local restaurants, ease of selecting your food in your cart, online payment method or cash on delivery (COD), and of course, the GPS live tracking of your food.

We are listing some of the best online food ordering apps from around the world, so be ready and order the food you love.

1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats steals the show when it comes to brand recognition and hence the most popular name in this list. Being the biggest name in cab service, Uber is known worldwide and trusted by its users.

Uber Eats started in 2014 and has over 17.2 million users in 250 cities worldwide. Uber Eats has been growing 200 percent from its launch.

Uber being a familiar interface to a large number of users, Uber Eats is a very simple app for many. It provides a wide variety of restaurants and payment options with plenty of discounts.


Easy user interface

Multi-restaurant system

Can work almost in any city you travel to

Uses AI to improve estimation of delivery time and to reduce delivery time

Advance search and recommender system


Only for food ordering

Surge delivery charges in rush hours, rains etc

Does not offer free delivery membership for its users

2. Postmates

Postmates stands second in the list as it provides its services in more than 2900 cities in the areas of U.S and Mexico. Being a logistics company Postmates is called as Anti-Amazon by its co-founder Bastian Lehmann.

What’s better? Unlike its competitors, Postmates can deliver you from a local restaurant, major chains, and hip local eateries, but Postmates service can also deliver groceries, alcohol, gifts and more.


Order much more than food items

Multi-restaurant and multi-store system

Offers free delivery membership for its users

24/7 delivery


Present only in the U.S and Mexico

Postmates apps are not well functional as rated by users

3. GrubHub

GrubHub is a big name in the food ordering and delivery platform present in over 1700 cities in the United States.

GrubHub is a parent company for Eat24, LevelUp, and seamless. All three of them performing well in the market.

With over 80,000 associated restaurants Grubhub becomes a platform to provide a vast variety of delicious food options around the nation. GrubHub has 14.5 million active users by 2018.


Multi-restaurant system

Easy user interface

No delivery charges

Present in all major cities of the U.S


Present only in the U.S

Only for food ordering services

4. DoorDash

DoorDash launched in Palo Alto and has since expanded to more than 3300 cities across North America. Even though DoorDash is still behind Uber Eats and Grubhub in terms of the number of customers but it is loved by its users.

No minimum order for a delivery, wide variety of 30 cuisines to select from, excellent drinks options, fast and reliable delivery exceeds the expectations.

DoorDash lack to represent any premium restaurant on its app, but still gives a lot of good options to its users


The graphical user interface with a display of delicious food items

Present in all 50 states of North America

delivers food and beverages from multiple restaurants

Fast and reliable


Present only in North America

Only for food and beverages

Surge delivery charges

5. FoodPanda

Foodpanda is a subsidiary of Delivery Hero and expanding in more than 200 cities around the world. Launched in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, Foodpanda has come a long way competing its rivals like Uber Eats to expand into major countries in the world.

Foodpanda has a huge database of 40,000 and more partnered restaurants and provides good offers and discounts


Present worldwide and multi-restaurant system


Foodpanda’s apps are not loved by its users as per ratings

Only for food-related online ordering

6. Zomato

Zomato started as a restaurant search and discovery service in 2008 listing even those restaurants which do not even have an online presence. Soon Zomato realized the market and started online food ordering and delivery initially in the home country India.

Zomato has one of the most integrated apps in this segment where you get to know inside out about every restaurant in your locality.

From ratings, menu cards, pictures, ambiance, comments, food blogging, food ordering, booking a table, Zomato Gold membership, discount offers and more. Zomato is a powerful competitor when it comes to food and restaurant services.


Present in 24 countries with a multi-restaurant system

Provides one of the best user interface

Offers more than just food delivery like Zomato Gold and blogging


Only for food-related services

7. Swiggy

Swiggy is the top-rated app in India with more than 10 million downloads within a country. Swiggy operates only in Indian market but has gained a lot of popularity for its services as India being one of the biggest markets in the world.

Swiggy is present in 28 cities with fast delivery time and best offers for its users.

Swiggy also offers Swiggy Super, a membership to enable users with unlimited food ordering with zero delivery fee.


Multi-restaurant system present across India

One of the best app for Indian markets

Offers free delivery membership


Only present in India

Only for food order related services

8. Domino’s

Domino’s tops the list when it comes to presence in the world. With stores present in more than 5700 cities across the globe it is fair to say Domino’s is the most known brand when it comes to Pizza.

Domino’s is also known for its fast pizza delivery service, now with an easy of an app, it has gained much popularity amongst pizza lovers.

Domino’s has a very decent app with brilliant colors and display of mouth-watering pizzas and other delicious options from the menu.


An easy and beautiful user interface

fast delivery service

Present across the globe


Single restaurant system

Only food-related service

9. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a British online food ordering and delivery service which is operating in more than 200 cities in multiple countries.

Options for quick food delivery and the coupon deals engage customers who wish to avail the best possible facility. Deliveroo app is used widely as the number of customers is high, world-class client benefit, and higher restaurant choices throughout the world. This makes Deliveroo the most popular downloaded food ordering app among users.


Deliveroo Plus- subscription service which gives customers in the UK unlimited free delivery

Present in multiple countries


Only for food delivery related services

10. JustEat

JustEat is headquartered in London, England and operates in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

With more than 100,000 partnered restaurants and 26 million active users, JustEat has a big market value.

JustEat provides a total option of 100 cuisines to select from, making it a very popular food delivery app in Indian cities like Mumbai.


A large number of restaurant

Present in multiple countries


JustEat app is available only for Android users

Only for food delivery related services


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