Are you famished? And the only thing you can think of is getting something into your raging stomach? Well, have you considered the possibility of not leaving where you are and having your food delivered to you? This is the sort of thing that food delivery apps do. Since the advent of food delivery apps, delivering food has never been easier, and a lot of people have chosen to keep delivery apps on their devices in case they need to get food delivered to them wherever they are.

We have also seen a positive trend in the valuation of food delivery apps concerning investment opportunities. As a developer, it is essential that you have an idea of the bigger picture, which consists of consumer behavior, growth perspectives, and market dynamics. According to reports from Statista, the online food delivery market in India has generated about 7.011 million US Dollars.

How Popular Are Food Delivery Apps?
Food delivery in the traditional way involved placing a call to a restaurant of food provider and getting the food delivered to the customer’s doorstep. However, with the wide adoption and advancement of technology, using apps for virtually everything has become mainstream. This has led to the popularity of food delivery apps and websites and customers, in turn, adopted the use of these apps. This has not only made placing orders for food easier; it has also made the process more transparent. Customers now have access to menus to choose from, different food vendors to patronize and leave feedback for service rendered by the food vendors. It has also helped reduce the occurrence of missed orders as a result of busy phone lines or inadequate staff to handle the phones. With an app or website, all orders can be taken simultaneously and handled accordingly.

Mobile Food ordering apps are designed using avant-garde User Interface, which offers an easy food ordering solution. Customers using the apps can choose the type of order they want, whether delivery or takeaway while also indicating where they would like the food delivered to and pay for the food securely online. Users also get to create their profiles, which they use to order food. They can save their payment information and delivery addresses so that they can easily check out their food orders some other time without having to enter those details all over again. On the apps, users can also save their favorite meals under “favorites” so they can easily reorder the same thing anytime. According to reports, by 2021, the online on-demand food delivery market is expected to have grown by 32 percent. Most restaurants have also latched onto this development, and many of them now have mobile food ordering platforms to cater to their customers who cannot walk in and buy food.
At eDeliveryApp India, we have worked with many food vendors and food delivery apps. We have quite the experience and expertise on the intricacies of the food delivery market. And we believe that these give us an edge in the development of food delivery mobile apps. Check out some future trends below:

TREND 1Restaurants will be able to customize and personalize
With a focus on the branding requirements of the restaurant businesses, delivery apps these days come with customization features to reflect everything about the restaurant. The app can be designed in a way that the restaurant’s page features the theme and colors of the restaurant. Each of the food businesses on the app will have a customizable layout which displays the identity of that business on an app where there are plenty of other food businesses. This helps to set apart each business from the competition and for promotional purposes as well. This feature can be seen in apps like Uber Eats, Zomato, and Grubhub.

TREND 2 – Menu Update Feature in Real-time
More food apps nowadays allow restaurants to update their menu as they become available in real-time. Once a restaurant changes its menu at any point in time, or it runs out of stock on a particular meal, it gets updated on the app. This helps keep customers informed about what they can get from a particular restaurant at a specific time. It helps minimize disappointments and mixups. Examples of food delivery apps that offer real-time updates are Swiggy and Uber Eats.

TREND 3 – Push Notifications
One of the best ways to maintain customer engagement is to enable food notifications in food ordering apps. When there is an update from a restaurant, the customer gets notified immediately from promotions to discounts and new menus or products in stock. Push notifications are also designed to align with the buying behavior of consumers so that only deals that may be of interest to a specific consumer gets sent to their notification.

TREND 4 – Integration of POS in Food Ordering Apps
To make placing orders easier and more streamlined, food ordering apps now have POS integrated into them, which means that orders get sent to the POS station of the food vendor that the customer selected. When the order is received, the food vendor can either accept or reject the order. This reduces the problem of order not received or order mix-ups. It makes things simpler. JustEat is an example of a food app that has this feature.

TREND 5 – Glances and Subconscious Menus
This is somewhat a more technical trend, but it is getting adopted by many food ordering app developers. This involves placing orders using the eyes. The subconscious menu has an eye tracking system which calibrates the user’s eye movements. This software then notes the menu options that the user has spent the most time looking at. Using this, the system highlights the things that the user has looked at so that the customer can select the one they want to order. An app like Pizza Huts has implemented this feature.

TREND 6 – Use of Big Data
Having access to data analytics provides us with real-time information about temperature and traffic so that the expected delivery time can be accurately calculated. Big data is also useful for helping businesses know their customers better so that they can deliver services tailored to their customer preferences. Swiggy is an example of an app that is utilizing big data to its fullest.


This year, there will be a lot of surprises for consumers and for business owners, the best thing is to innovate and move with the trend. At eDeliveryApp, we are proud to say that we keep up with the latest technology and trends in the app market while delivering impeccable services to our national and international clients. If you are in the food business, and you want to make sure your food delivery app matches what is obtainable in the modern-day world, we are your go-to solution for things like that.

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