Restaurant reservation system has gradually become more sophisticated with the passage of time. It gives opportunity to restaurants to handle customers online in an efficient manner and diners to book their favorite restaurants online within seconds. Sometime demand for table surpasses availability, so reservation becomes necessary because pre-booked table is wise choice to avoid wasting time. Timely and quick response will increase your sales, enhance profits and will attract more customers.  Through restaurant reservation tool restaurant owners get a chance to serve their customers in the best possible way and let customers experience wonderful services. If you want to buy efficient restaurant reservation system, here is the list of top 5 table reservation systems.

  1. Seatme

It is best restaurant reservation system worldwide. The software helps restaurants in bringing more diners to the table. It is flexible and a powerful tool which delivers everything that you need to run your business. It is reliable and stable tool which is accessible from any device and from any corner of the world. Its best features work efficiently for all types and sizes of restaurants. It is user friendly so your staff can use it efficiently. The software is affordable and it available for only $99 per month, now very food point can accelerate its business process by using this trustworthy software.

  1. TableIn Booking System

It is simple and effective online booking system which optimizes your table covers walk-in, phone, and online bookings. Its powerful features are amazingly simple and easy to use. It also sends free and instant booking reminders, confirmation or cancelling via email which will save you from losing your valuable customer. Manage your dining rooms and group tables by setting priorities. It gives quick and flawless integration with your website. The tool is fully customizable and it works according to your business requirements.  You can enjoy 14 days free dial after that you have multiple pricing options like flat monthly fees of € 29.95 or pay as you go/per booking option.

  1. iMagic

iMagic is a full hospitality management software which covers the whole process of online reservation. Its great features allow you to serve your customers quickly and with great manner. The software is highly configurable and easy to use that tracks and manages restaurant reservations.  It helps restaurants to increase sales and repeat customers by effective automatic booking process. The iMagic’s proficient system tracks & analyzes customer patterns and avoids double booking. It takes the hassle out by finding guests bookings quickly without wasting a single second. The tool is available in only $399.00 which is pretty affordable for every type of restaurants.

  1. DinePlan

 Dine Plan is extraordinary software that makes booking process more efficient for you and your diners.  It is a real time indicator which indicates remaining table availability to the user. It accepts every type of real time bookings such as facebook page, email, online, walk-ins or telephone calls. The efficient system automatically confirms or cancels bookings after SMS response by the customer. The software creates a database with the booking history of all dinners. The expert system enables user to observe repeat bookings while customer is on the call. The repeat booking feature will identify your loyal customers. Premium version of the tool is available for £59 per month.


It is one of the world’s most advanced and unique restaurant reservation systems. It is a vibrant and modest online booking system which allows customers to book a table instantly. The tool maximizes reservations of restaurants which increase their sales and profits. It allows you to connect with diners about availability of the table during booking process, send an automatic confirmation email with all booking details. It is easy to use and fast which boosts functionality. TELOS is cost competitive tool that every busiest restaurant can afford for manage their booking system.


Eat is a restaurant management service that provides restaurant operators with table and reservation management apps. The two update in real time with a consumer facing restaurant discovery and booking platform. Eat is currently plugged into some of the world’s most popular hospitality groups, such as The Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, and Palazzo Versace.
Eat allows restaurant managers to receive full control of their restaurant floor with an optimized table placement system, prevent no shows and double bookings with their flexible widgets, and provides easy to understand restaurant analytics through its built in CRM.
Eat is available for a one month free trial, after which customers are given two pricing options. Either $99 per month billed annually, or a commitment free $139 per month.

All  the above are mostly aggregators for restaurant reservation system if you are looking for your own Restaurant ordering system and table booking system then check out eDeliveryApp. We have ready system software for both single restaurants and multiple restaurants.

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