Online ordering is rising rapidly these days. The wide range of price options available to the customers, has added to the growth of these applications. These ordering systems are supported by highly efficient delivery systems to get the most customer satisfaction. In order to make the delivery system highly efficient and effective, you need a great delivery management system. In this article we will compare two prominent delivery management applications – ZippyKind Vs eDeliveryApp

The UI

eDeliveryApp has a very consistent UI with easy to use mobile and web applications. The web version is based on WordPress which makes it a very strong and robust frontend. On the other hand, the mobile version is based on native Android and iOS. This makes the applications much secure and fast.

Zippykind also has a well-organized UI. It also supports Android, iOS and web platforms. Rest all UI features are similar to eDeliveryApp. But, it has one distinctive UI feature. It gives the look of a mobile app in its web version.


Both the application provides adequate information to the admins. They send electronic receipts, tickets, and many more.


Communication is one of the most important features of any eCommerce application. eDeliveryApp and Zippykind make this system further easier and consistent with the help of continuous and automatic synchronization.

Also, the communication between the customer and the admin is great in both the app. With eDeliveryApp, you can send push messages to the user’s mobile app as notifications. This gives the user a peace of mind. Also, such quick and modern communication increases the brand value of your service.

On the other hand, Zippykind also provides a great way to communicate with its users. Drivers can be sent push notifications to their cell phones with details about the delivery including: ordered items, total cost, delivery address, name, phone number and even a photo of the customer.

Other features

eDeliveryApp is great for any kind of business that includes doorstep delivery of products. The app includes many powerful features like payment integration, social media integration and 100% own branding. Also, another great feature of eDelivery is that it is commission frèe. Your profits are fully yours; there is only one time cost of buying the open source code and no recurring cost after that. You own your online food ordering system! Also, you get the custom menu builder. With custom menu builder you can fully customize your menu as per your need with unlimited categories and subcategories complete with high resolution images, pricing, options and more, for any local delivery business like restaurants/food industry, grocery shops, laundry, alcohol delivery shops etc.

Zippykind features driver and delivery analytics. This is a very powerful tool to review your driver’s performance as well as delivery trends. Also, you can easily switch between driver analytics and delivery analytics. Angin, Zippykind features custom routes in the admin application where the admin can define custom routes for the driver rather than following the traditional directions suggested by GPS.


The pricing plan of eDelivery is one-time. You just need to provide some details about the type of your business and they will get back to you within 24 hours. It is pretty straightforward.

On the other hand, Zippykind has a range of plans. The plans start from 50 delivery tickets to 3000 delivery tickets. You can choose the appropriate one for you.

Coming to the conclusion, both the apps have great frontend and backend. Also, they have great customer support. But, eDelivery seems to be more economic as well as effective on the long run as it has a one-time fee and no extra commissions. Whereas Zippykind charges commissions according to the plan you choose. Also, eDelivery gives you the entire source code of your system so that you can customize it according to your need. Thank You.

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